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  1. tnyr5

    Paphiopedilum gigantifolium

    Just a baby :-D
  2. tnyr5

    for Brachy-lovers

    Eh, I've never been a fan of the overlay/spots-so-big-and-heavy-that-they-cripple-the-flower type of breeding.
  3. tnyr5

    Which orchids grow naturally in your area?

    So far this year I have seen within a 100 mile radius of my house (not counting my collection of seed-grown natives IN my house cuz that's cheating lol): Calopogon tuberosus Cyp. acaule Epipactis helleborine Galearis spectabilis Goodyera pubescens Isotria verticillata Platanthera x bicolor or...
  4. tnyr5

    2 thaianum, one scented

    Not sure. I mated the two scented ones, so we'll see. Time to return the thread to Philippe :-).
  5. tnyr5

    2 thaianum, one scented

    Interesting. I've bloomed two so far from my breeding that have been scented, but they smell like Phalaenopsis bellina.
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    Mint Chocolate

  7. tnyr5

    Mint Chocolate

    Pulling it up on Kew says it's accepted. I noticed it recently when "old" hybrids with new grex names started popping up in the awards record.
  8. tnyr5

    Mint Chocolate

    Since leucochilum is now an accepted species distinct from godefroyae, this is no longer Mint Chocolate. :-p
  9. tnyr5

    Mexi in sheath at least

    Yes, a fogger with a nozzle, in essence.
  10. tnyr5

    pics from my new reef tank

    The reef has also been enjoying my new camera.
  11. tnyr5

    Paph druryi Floradise HCC/AOS

    Have you ever tried my trick of showing them a finely-chopped salad? Always works for me.
  12. tnyr5

    Paphiopedilum haynaldianum Album

    With 7 no less. Nice growing!
  13. tnyr5

    Mexi in sheath at least

    I haven't named it yet. The petals do curve downward somewhat, but not as much as most clones I have seen.