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    Phalaenopsis Tassanee Jongdamkerng

    There is one awarded by AOS. It is interesting that the name is longer than the flowering plant :)
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    Easiest Way to Look up Registered Neo Hybrids?? This may be an useful list.
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    Who is going to Redlands?

    He is not shipping . The list mentions that the plants are to be picked up at the festival (Btw it is Redland not Redlands) and that payment is via cash as he will not have credit/Debit card capacity. That said .... there is a lot of nice stuffffffffff !!!! I placed my order and got a...
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    roth judgement

    You will b e surprised if you were to do an average of the metrics of the last 5 awarded with FCC
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    Than from springwater orchids

    Springwater Orchid plants are so well packed the flowers arrive as if nothing has happened to them. :clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap:
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    lowii x anitum

    And if it exists it may be hidden under the accepted name of anitum = addcutum . The record shows that a hybrid whose parents are lowii x adductun has been registered as Paphipedilum Low Hum. The hybrid record is a tad confussing as "addcutum, anitum or adductum var anitum" have been...
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    Paph. fairrieanum 'Vinh Huy Nguyen' FCC/AOS

    Where does it state in the standards that the stem has to be long? It is required that the stem be strong and that it holds the flower well above foliage . Again, it seems that we (notice the first person) are trying to impose a size/proportion standard to what is a minuscule plant ...
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    Taxonomic list of recognized paphs

    The list produced by WCSPF has two dyferent types : one in bold the other is not bold. Bold links are to the species name they accept. Non bold links are to the names they consider synonyms. Within each record of accepted names there is access to a list of the species names hey reduce to...
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    Orchid Wiz vs. Orchids Plus

    There are two types of services offered by Orchid Plus: the stand alone and the Online (via The online service is actualized every time a change is made in the awarda database/record, be an award paid and activated or an award edtied or corrected (the award changes show immediately...