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    Paph. sanderianum spike!

    Thanks all! I purchased this from carter and holmes couple of years ago. Will see how long the petals can go in this heat wave.
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    Paph. sanderianum spike!

    They are so much larger than I imagined! Petals are still growing, around 21 inches so far.
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    Paph. sanderianum spike!

    Sometime this week hopefully! I propped this up a foot or so so the petals can cascade over the side table it is sitting on.
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    Paph. sanderianum spike!

    This sandie is growing next to the Paph. stonei that recently flowered on the office ledge, found a spike forming today! How long does it usually take to from this stage to the first bloom unfurling? Experienced growers of this species, any other tips?
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    Paph stonei in the office

    Yes! It's a Tillandsia andreana that blooms quite happily in that corner
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    Paph stonei in the office

    Thanks all! Just me in here :rollhappy:
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    Paph stonei in the office

    Haven't posted in a while. Here's a first bloom stonei that I've been growing in an office ledge with a 20W LED supplemental light. The spike kinda snuck up on me a month ago and now here it is!
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    S. Gratrix

    Very nice! It looks like a big flower
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    Phrag. Cotton Candy

    Lovely name lovely bloom
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    Phalaenopsis violacea Norton blue & friends

    Really nice trio! Group shot is great.
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    Erythrone's garden 2016

    Absolutely beautiful!
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    Ascocentrum christensonianum 'Wacousta' AM/AOS

    Beautiful. Congrats!
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    Phalaenopsis San Shia Appendo (pulcherrima fma. alba x appendiculata fma. alba)

    Thanks all! The appendiculata also exaggerates and spreads the lips a bit. Angela, this came mounted and I took it off the mount because I can't really grow stuff mounted here. It's probably not as happy now..
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    Phalaenopsis San Shia Appendo (pulcherrima fma. alba x appendiculata fma. alba)

    Got this at Redland from loc. I quite like this soft pink shade from the interaction of the two alba forms. Hope to one day grow this well.
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    Just a regular Neo

    Thanks, all! I think I finally understand the obsession over this species which has such a long history. There's much to be appreciated that's difficult to quantify.