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    Phrag Peter Croezen

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    New legit pics :-)

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    Phrag Hanne Popow

    So pretty!!
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    Sandro Botticelli

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    Paph. Sandro Botticelli group

    Oh my goodness, stunning!
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    Laelia albida

    Absolutely gorgeous, so elegant!
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    Mexi 2015

    Haha, that's perfect! The Mexi Ninja :D
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    Mexi 2015

    We'll have to figure something out. Maybe look into that bank robbing as I mentioned :D
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    Mexi 2015

    OH wow guys, so jealous!
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    mystery paph

    Oh thank you so much! Now the only thing that remains is robbing a bank and venturing out on a spree!
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    new plants!

    If it's next year and you won't resist, let me know - maybe by then my 'orchid jar' will be full enough and we can split the shipping :D
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    mystery paph

    Oh it never even occurred to me to check them out! I totally adore zygos, they are my favourites - I'll probably make my husband take me there today, haha :D
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    new plants!

    Yes, I knew the two of them have them. Lourens told us he's been waiting 17 years for it to bloom for him!! Ah, maybe one day, for a big birthday :P
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    Big tiny thaianum

    So beautiful!