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    Is this normal??

    Its not a problem for me if its not album..., i got most of my plants without tag together with a list of names. All of my micranthum's bloomed within the years except these two, so i was thinking this one must be the album on my list... . If not, then not, does not answer my question.:confused:
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    Paph Norito Hasegowa

    Really a beauty!!! Thanks for sharing!
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    fairrieanum quick update.

    beautiful!! congratulation! Falk
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    Is this normal??

    Hello all, here are a few of my pap's being in bud now since oct/nov. There is no further growing the last 7 weeks and i hope they are not drying out. i didn't change a lot, a little less water together with a little cooler like every winter in my flat. Do i have to do something different, last...
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    Paph. delenatii

    Not a big fan of delenatii, but THIS i like!! Bravo, Falk
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    Hello from Norfolk in the UK

    Warm welcome from germany!! Falk
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    'Moin' from Lower Saxony

    Moin auch von mir und liebe Grüße an meine Geburtsstadt Meppen/Ems, falls Du da mal durchkommst…:), Falk
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    Paph. St. Swithin (philippinense x Rothschildianum 'Takuse')

    I really like the dorsal!
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    ...same last month...
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    One of my surprise noID's i inherited, it blooms first time and i have no idea what it is, but i like it, Falk
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    Photo request for

    Please all, send him your photos and ME the plants!!:drool:
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    Paph. Mar New

    ;) be happy, cause you won't have to cry like me, if i f*** it up...
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    Paph. Mar New

    Thanks for finger-crossing:)! Just got the info from my friend: "orchids and more" ( ) offer Mar New ( he ordered the plant there ), shipping in europe ( 22€ + shipping costs ), if somebody is interested...., Have a good night all, Falk
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    Joyce Hasegawa