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  1. tcosta

    Phrag. schlimii?

    Been confirmed by vendor that the plant is mislabelled and probably a Sedeneii. Thanks everyone…you were spot on.
  2. tcosta

    Phrag. schlimii?

    Hi all. Finally got my Phrag. schlimii’EYOF’ x self to flower…..not what I expected. is this within the expected range of variability for schlimii or is it something else? Thoughts….thanks in advance.
  3. tcosta

    Phrag. warszewiczianum

    Very nice display….sounds like you invest like me!
  4. tcosta

    Phragmipedium Silver Eagle

    Nice. Quite like the subtle coloured Phrags.
  5. tcosta

    Phragmipedium Louis Gaucher

    Very nice.
  6. tcosta

    Phragmipedium humboldtii var. exstaminodium

    Stunning….love the dark colouration.
  7. tcosta

    Hello from the Blue Mountains Australia!

    Welcome to ST MourningStar. I grew up at the foot of the Mountains but now 4-5 hours north on the mid-north coast. Was a member of BMOS a number of years ago…my father still is. If you are/were a member there perhaps we’ve crossed paths.
  8. tcosta

    Phrag. Cuzco Blood 'Twin Sisters' AM/AOS (Mem. Dick Clements x humboldtii)

    Very nice….beautiful colour and shape.
  9. tcosta

    Phrag. caudatum finally bloomed DS!

    Well done Abax…can you share a pic at some stage?
  10. tcosta

    Phrag. Sedenii….Difference in Colour.

    The same happened with my Brysa which I have posted…..the latest flower is almost white.
  11. tcosta

    Phragmipedium Eric Young

    very nice….and appears to have a lot more longifolium influence.
  12. tcosta

    Phrag. Noirmont

  13. tcosta

    Phrag. Sorcerer’s Apprentice(s)

    Two SA s in bloom with two very different outcomes. I only have room for one and know which one I’ll be keeping. Eric….do you want the green one?😁😁
  14. tcosta

    Spring Blooms

    Very nice…don’t they put on a great show when you have number in bloom. Yes I also like the Cape Sunset…but any phrag in bloom is nice.
  15. tcosta

    Phrag schlimii help please

    I have a multi growth schlimii…very healthy but is one of the only phrags I haven’t been able to bloom yet. it grows the same as my other mini phrags…under LED lights in my garage. Temps between about 15-23c in winter and 20-28c in summer. Can any of you schlimii growers suggest if this needs...