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    Carnivourous Plant Mega-Thread

    I am seriously jealous of the cephalotus... We are way to hot here... I was actually at a local festival and their was a huge nepenthese tent... I went up to the guy and said 'how cool you have nepenthes...' He said 'No, these are pitcher plants...' I said 'cool' and he had what looked like...
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    Ma Belle

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    Another Henryanum

    Cooool. I think my Henry is taking a break this year :( Great growing!
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    Paph. Jade Dragon 'Kevin's Dream'

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    p. Freckles "Show Stopper" AM/AOS

    What a bloom!
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    Neo. falcata Manjushage

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    Copper Spice

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    Another Mexipedium

    Awesome! Mine is years old new gorths and no flowers.... Great stuff!
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    Some Neos from my greenhouse

    Great collection!
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    Neo. falcata Manjushage

    I just wet my pants....
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    Carnivourous Plant Mega-Thread

    That is a nice looking oreo... That's what is missing from my collection. I have too many plants right now to list, but I am doing them a diservice as I can not give them quite the light they need (heavily wooded lot).. I have most species of sarracenias and a bunch of local hybrids...
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    paph bellatulum

    Very nice.
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    Another Walk Around the Greenhouse

    Things have progressed really well in the new house Ross!
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    Paph. Color My World 'Shocker'

    Very nice. I agree I always feel the need to look at that one.
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    Paph. Angela

    Where is the like button.....