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  1. T.paph

    Paph. Heaven's Knight 'Monster' HCC

    WOW :drool:
  2. T.paph

    Paph sanderianum 'Red Baroness'

    Congratulation. Very lovely color.
  3. T.paph

    Paph Luther Pass

    Very nice.
  4. T.paph

    Paph. Pacific Rainbow

    Lovely flower.
  5. T.paph

    Guess the primary:

    lobbii x no idea
  6. T.paph

    Paph. Lippewunder

    Very nice. I love it.
  7. T.paph

    Phrag. besseae var. flavum

    very beautiful.
  8. T.paph

    Paph. Ice Age 'Ravishing' more pics

    wonderful flower.
  9. T.paph

    Brachy & Complex

    Thank you, Leo This has been my best red complex Paph, I have ever bloomed so far. I’m very happy with the synsepal size which is almost a mirror image of the dorsal. It’s a keeper.
  10. T.paph

    Brachy & Complex

    Thank you everyone for your kind words.
  11. T.paph

    Paph Limerick 'Hillsview' HCC/AOS

    Very Beautiful.
  12. T.paph

    Brachy & Complex

    Yes, I got them as seedlings in 2007. I am not sure about the split. I bloom a bellatulum last year which also had split petals.
  13. T.paph

    Brachy & Complex

    This month blooms.
  14. T.paph

    Paphiopedilum Double Bell X S. Gratrix

    I love it.
  15. T.paph

    Paph.Dick Wagner'yang-ji#1'

    Fantastic colour.