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  1. swamprad

    iPad image issues

    Me too, on my iPhone.
  2. swamprad

    Paph. Mount Toro

    I’ve had my Mount Toro since 2009, still waiting on flowers. Perhaps it’s time to tell it goodbye.
  3. swamprad

    Phrag. kovachii 'Littlefrog Magenta Princess'

    Awesome, congratulations!
  4. swamprad

    A couple of Michael Koopowitz

    Awesome! I just got a nice MK from Sam Tsui.
  5. swamprad

    Paph ciliolare

  6. swamprad

    Paphiopedilum spicerianum ‘Hercules’

    So fantastic!
  7. swamprad

    Aerangis biloba x sib

    Lovely plant and flowers!
  8. swamprad

    Helenae 'Long and Short' + Covid-update

    Sending you my best wishes for a speedy recovery!
  9. swamprad

    Paph. areeanum

    Thank you SO MUCH for the article, very helpful indeed!
  10. swamprad

    Paph. villosum fma. aureum

    A guy in Hawaii had them a few years ago. Doubt there are any left.
  11. swamprad

    Paph. areeanum

    I suspected as much, but I wasn’t sure. Not a lot of photos of areeanum to compare to. Thanks for your reply, I’d be interested to know if others agree with you.
  12. swamprad

    Paph. villosum fma. aureum

    Thanks! It’s ‘Yellow Holiday’ x self.
  13. swamprad

    3 clones of Paph. lowii fma. Aureum

    Awesome! I’ve always wanted a few of these.
  14. swamprad

    Paph. gratrixianum

    Faithful bloomer for many years, Paph. gratrixianum:
  15. swamprad

    Paph. villosum fma. aureum

    Two plants in flower, each plant has two flowers. Paph. villosum fma. aureum: