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    New Offerings from Hengduan Mountains

    I have a list from Wenqing I can send when I get home.
  2. suzyquec

    Humpback Whales

    Awesome, I love humpbacks. When I was on an Alaska cruise years ago was the only time I have seen them in the wild. Thank you for these wonderful photos! Suzy
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    Finally ready to share

    It's always so hard to lose a member of the family even when they have 4 legs. Years ago I lost a beautiful French Bull puppy to a bleeding disorder and it took me 2 years to look for a new one. I can only tell you that you never forget those you lose but the new ones make the pain so much...
  4. suzyquec

    Paph. thaianum

    Tom I have a NBS-BS thaianum. PM me if you are interested. Suzy
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    Peruflora flask list

    I have one from earlier this year but I reached out to Manolo to see if there is anything newer. Suzy
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    Blooming Now

    It's fun to watch seedlings grow from flask to maturity, I have 2 Phrags blooming now that I have raised from seedlings. The Sedenii below I have had for many years and this is probably the 4th or 5th division . The older it gets the more it branches and it is one of my favorites. Below...
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    Phrag Apollo or other kovachii backross

    I am listed under Suzysslippersfl on Ebay or you can message me here on Slipper Talk. Suzy
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    Phrag. Fox Valley Fireball 'Scarlet Queen'

    Spectacular! Suzy
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    So can anyone tell us about Redlands?

    Tyrone I wish but between my umbrella, bags and my purse I did not have enough hands to take my phone out! Suzy
  10. suzyquec

    So can anyone tell us about Redlands?

    Eric You are always welcomed! Suzy
  11. suzyquec

    So can anyone tell us about Redlands?

    As this is held the middle of May the temperatures are not too bad. This year it did nothing but rain but in Florida we just refer to that as liquid sunshine. The crowds are usually large by late morning but this year due to the rain the attendance was down. I went Saturday and I usually go...
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    Redland Show

    Yes of course I wait all year for this show! Do I need to look for you this year, if so email me? Suzy
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    Phrag Barbara LeAnn

    Very sweet. Mine has been blooming for about 2 months now. The spike is about 2 feet tall now and there is still another bud! Suzy
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    Redland Show

    Actually they will have cool growing Phrags from Peruflora, Ecuagenera and a few others. I go every year and the variety is amazing. Suzy
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    Redland Show

    California has stick import restrictions on plants. If they get stopped by California agriculture without permits they will be confiscated. Be sure to stop by the USDA booth and get the documentation required no matter how you take them back. Susan