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    Orchid people in the Tidewater, VA, area

    I think I'm from that area.
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    Kelp / Seaweed Additives

    Wow... I have been using it (Kelpak) at 1/4 tsp per gallon. I guess I really need to increase the dose? Funny, I thought my most of my new fat root growth was due to the Kelpak and not my or Ray's version of K-lite?
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    Phragmipedium kovachii

    Very nice, I love it! Great job!
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    K-Lite Trial Observations

    Sorry for my indecisive sounding answer... will. I am almost out of my first 2# and the summer has not even started. :)
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    K-Lite Trial Observations

    I could commit to take 2 5# ers from you.
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    Aerangis mooreana

  7. suss16

    Cattleya coccinea (4N)

    Ouchy! That is one hot looking flower!
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    FED EX!!!! (and UPS, USPS, etc etc)

    Personal experience - I have purchased almost my whole collection from distant sources. FEDEX has been by far the best delivery source. I have also found a great method for those that are able... have it delivered and held at a FEDEX office. It stays indoors and you pick it up when you wish. I...
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    On my way to work...

    A few times a month I encountered this on the way to work. You would figure that they would not have built the road so low 100 years ago to require a kayak to make part of your journey, so something has to be happening. Norfolk, VA continues to make plans to deal with the increased tidal surge -...
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    oyster shell

    Thanks for the info... TDS reading for the tap water is about 85 ppm TDS. I was planning on cutting my 15-5-15 fert in half and add Calcium Nitrate and MgSO4 as you mentioned in a post somewhere. I am cutting back on ferts now any way. What seaweed extract do you reccommend? I have tried a...
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    oyster shell

    Thoughts about City of Norfolk, VA water quality? I do run it through an in-line packed carbon filter to remove chloramines. Mainly grow in an Orhiata based mix for pots and straight sphagnum for baskets and mounts - mainly Phals (shhhh...). I use 15-5-15 cal/mg at 100 ppm N and an occasional...
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    Not sure which direction to take...

    Welcome from Norfolk, VA! Nice Phal! :)
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    Orchiata size recommendations

    Have tried 80/20 Orchiata/perlite and it seemed to work fine based on my growing conditions. Lately I have tried straight orchiata and things seem to be ok too. Give me another year to see how things progress.
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    Fed Ex Strikes Again!!

    I have had stellar experiences with Fedex... But I have all of my packages held at the climate controlled office for pick up. Luckily I have a Fedex office .25 mile from my office.
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    Phal. gigantea x Phal. Annapolis

    Very cool, a great example of gigantea doing it's thing...