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    Warning: Faux UK ebay-dealers...or GET BREXIT DONE!

    You will receive a plant but whether it is the plant you thought you had bought .......well that’s a different matter.
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    Cypripedium subtropicum

    “The German Public Prosecutor's Office has investigated him” Is that the reason why this scammer doesn’t sell in Germany?
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    Cypripedium subtropicum

    It is currently being offered for sale as 3 year post-flask young plants for £30 ($40) on eBay UK. This same seller probably operates under a number of names on and is currently selling an amazing array of rare, dwarf Cypripedium species (or selected alba forms) as well as a number of...
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    Warning: Faux UK ebay-dealers...or GET BREXIT DONE!

    war-3971 stole one of my images of Cypripedium farreri but removed it when challenged. I’m pretty sure that seller “war-3971” is Kai Najda (=greenhousetropicals). Many of the offerings are too good to be true. I would be very wary of any seller who is based in Germany but does not...
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    White Egret Orchid

    Pecteilis radiata -One small tuber has become three but only one has flowered.
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    Spiranthes sinensis alla Japan

    Spiranthes sinensis now in flower here.
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    Cyp. reginae

    Any Cyp. sitting with roots/rhizome in stagnant water will succumb to rot. Cypripedium roots are metabolically active and require access to oxygen. Anaerobic conditions are anathema. Even most of the true Bog orchids are sitting in airy damp moss or exposed to a continuing flow of oxygenated...
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    Ponerorchis graminifolia

    Ponerorchis graminifolia in flower here now.
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    Spiranthes sinensis video

    Excellent. Very informative video. Not yet in full flower here. That hornet looks to be one fearsome wee beastie!
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    Fantastic Beasts ......

    Having showcased these plants I have a responsibility to reaffirm Tom's comments. All of the plants above are from cultivated stock and are currently available as adult lab-raised plants in Europe. Cultivated Chinese cypripedium are not cheap but such plants are healthy and generally very...
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    Fantastic Beasts ......

    A selection of photographs of various wee feral beasties from the Orient. Whilst all of these images are of plants that I have grown I cannot yet profess to having mastered their cultivation. Cypripedium micranthum -more like a Robin chick than a plant! Cypripedium sichuanense...
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    Bletilla ochracea

    The first image is of an attractive but essentially typical Bletilla ochracea clone whilst the second was bought as Bletilla ochracea purple form. I suspect the second plant is some form or hybrid of Bletilla striata though I have been unable to find anything similar online. Both are cultivated...
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    They are hybrids which appear spontaneously all over my garden. They germinate mainly in troughs, planters and gravel paths where there is less plant competition and where their symbiotic fungus presumably resides. I transplant them into rich moist soil where they quickly form colonies by...
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    Cypripedium farreri -2017

    Many thanks! I grow fargesii, lichiangense and have a single plant of sichuanense (acquired last year). These are all from cultivated stock (Christian Schreiner, Jan Moors, Hengduan Mtns Biotech). I have had fargesii and lichiangense since 2013, the latter has flowered every year but fargesii...