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  1. SouthPark

    Cattleya aclandiae

    It's possible that the flower just hadn't fully opened up and coloured up at the time. This sort of orchid usually has light green-coloured/chartreuse tepals when they open ------ at least in general I think. And maybe as they age ----- gets yellow-brown maybe.
  2. SouthPark

    C. violacea 'Muse'

    Final pics for this round of flowering to share with everybody. The whitish birthmark region has gone light pink now. So we should be ok!
  3. SouthPark

    Cattleya aclandiae

    DLE - in the tropics here ------- I grow them in scoria - 10 to 15 mm average diameter pieces. Pretty sure they could be grown in other sizes too. The humidity here is alright ----- not too low most of the time, and they have no problem at all with their roots getting temporarily dry. I use all...
  4. SouthPark

    Cattleya aclandiae

    Definitely a fan of aclandiae. I clearly recall the first time I saw aclandiae was in artists illustration ---- in a small little book ----- called 'orchids a golden guide'. This was before I had even started growing an orchid of any kind. I never foresaw that I would even be able to see a...
  5. SouthPark

    Cattleya lueddemaniana flamea

    Very beautiful indeed. Love the deep purple, and those other shades under the various lighting conditions.
  6. SouthPark

    Paph rothschildianum

    Beautiful. And I love the red nose-cones! Wonderful.
  7. SouthPark

    Paphiopedilum tigrinum forma smaragdinum

    That is green gold! Absolutely wonderful! audio link
  8. SouthPark

    Why new buds turning brown

    The plant in the second photo has really healthy looking leaves ----- the form of them look good. The one in the first pic, where abax pointed out a possible rotting region ------ notice that the leaves are having a hard time, as in not getting nutrients, elements and/or water into them ------...
  9. SouthPark

    C. violacea 'Muse'

    Captured today under relatively lower light level - to get the deeper/darker violet.
  10. SouthPark

    C. violacea 'Muse'

    This one was purchased from Rosella Orchid Nursery - aka 'RON'. It had much more bulbs than it currently has. I cut it in half last year, and gave the other half to a friend that was getting back into hobby orchid growing again.
  11. SouthPark

    C. violacea 'Muse'

    Thanks for all the nice posts here all. A pleasure and privilege to share orchid pics with all here - and I totally enjoy seeing the beautiful orchid flowers that you all upload on Slippertalk, which makes one of the best orchid shows in the world (or ever!). Good comment about the colour...
  12. SouthPark

    C. violacea 'Muse'

    The flowers opened yesterday, and took some pics early this morning - nice and fresh.
  13. SouthPark

    Cattleya warneri albescent ‘Dona Lourdes’

    So beautiful and delicate. And nice background details ----- eg. the nice carp dish, and the maxima painting!
  14. SouthPark

    Paphiopedilum barbatum var. nigritum (h.v. Pygmy race)

    The particular patterns and colours is outstanding nature art. Outstanding. Even has natural clear-coat polish sheen/glaze!