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  1. snow

    Happy Birthday Rob Zuiderwijk

    beste wensen op je verjaardag
  2. snow

    Paph Fancy This

    :drool:awsum perfect flower
  3. snow

    Paph Fancy This

    awsum perfect flower
  4. snow

    Wow still rockin!

    nice to see you back tadd. i remember you with a great sense of humor and also some great orchids. i personelly am strugling with life; big c; but forums like thes and guys like new york eric keep me happy and laugheing\\ ofcourse not to mention others like jorch , fren and all the wonderfull...
  5. snow

    Paph insigne fma. sanderianum

    it,s beautiful
  6. snow

    My Paphs in 2010 - so far

  7. snow

    paph gratrixianum

    :)this was my first paph some 13 yrs ago. it,s always a reliable bloomer. gr owing in s/h. the other is acomplex. paph magic mountain first,s not quite open:D
  8. snow

    new seedling

    i got this paph from clouds as medium seedling 2 summers ago. it has a second bud and a new growth starting:)
  9. snow

    Paph. Minotaur 'Westonbirt' FCC/RHS

    some bonzai,s have been kept hundreds of years alive. just not mentioning paphs
  10. snow

    Paph. Snow Owl

    great looking paphs. i,d take anyone of them.
  11. snow

    Dream Hybrids MegaThread

    anything fairiarum will do for me
  12. snow

    Pap Barb Hella

    nice and good roots
  13. snow

    Phrag. Nitidissimum 'Wilhelmina Laarman' FCC/AOS

    great ssurvival story and a wonderfull looking plant:clap:
  14. snow

    Paph Luther Pass

    now there is an orchid which almost looks as nice from the back tnan the front. great paph.
  15. snow

    Black Wine Wizard

    i love everything about it.