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    Paph. rungsuriyanum primary crosses

    I would try something like crossing it with Paph hookerae, it would retain the petal color and give a taller stem.
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    Phragmipedium kovachii

    I use a fogger for my greenhouse in the summer, and kovachii absolutely loves to be drenched as do most Phrags. I will run it all day since there is a lot of air from my evaporative cooler too. In a house and under lights it is more difficult.
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    Regarding the Names of Complex Hybrids Paphs

    You can find the originators of the cross in the RHS website. Other sources that have searchable databases are Orchid Plus(AOS) and Orchidwiz.
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    tranlienianum hybrids

    I would think that it might have some interesting progeny in the proper combination. If it is used in a similar manner to Paph spicerianum, some interesting progeny should be possible. Combinations with complex hybrids might be worth doing.
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    Paph callosum 'Vin Huei X Daya'

    This flower has Paph callosum "Sparkling Burgundy" as an ancestor. It gave rise to the vinicolor Paphs that have improved so much over the past 20 years. The Paph callosum "Jac" (also known as viniferum) has much more prominent spotting with the same dark color, and gave rise to "flame" Maudiae...
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    Latest kovachii FCC

    That is a very fresh blooming.....the flower will continue to grow over the next few weeks. I have bloomed 3 plants so far and one was very similar to this one with a nice dark color. It is difficult to compare newly opened flowers to mature flowers since they change as they age. My flowers all...
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    Phrag. Robert-Jan Quené (= besseae x Fritz Schomburg)

    I'm glad I purchased seedlings of this cross several months is exactly what I would expect from such a combination.
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    It does look a lot like Paph Shireen (philippinense x glaucophyllum). There are several similar crosses it could be also.
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    No accounting for judges

    The bottom line is that the judges are comparing these plants to awarded plants that are exceptional compared to the norm. There have been several awards to this cross, the best are grown by growers that often have a dozen+ growths and several inflorescences. The plants from Taiwan and people...
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    Phrag longifolium album flask

    Grow it like any Phrag isn't quite as robust as many of the typical forms. My guess is that it will tough to establish but easy to grow after they get about 6-8" in spread.
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    Phragmipedium Robert C. Silich 4 N

    My Jason Fischers seem to bloom sequentially with several blooms, maybe 6 or so.....I haven't counted the bracts.
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    Paph callosum - the vini that isn't

    To add a footnote here, callosum 'Jac' is a dark vinicolored flower but produces "flame" type progeny and heavily spotted petals. Callosum 'Sparkling Burgundy' was the mother of the rich vinicolored flowers we see today and has a different look than 'Jac' although it is very dark. A combination...
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    Assistance please

    Since the taxonomists created anitum as a variety under adductum, it is legal in the eyes of the authorities since adductum is legal. If it was listed as previous under simply anitum it wasn't legal. Stupid, but true.
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    Paph. sanderianum vs. Paph. rothschildianum

    A well grown rothschildianum is simply majestic, more so than any species in the genus. Sanderianum is lovely but the primary virtue is the long, long petals. If roth is the king, sanderianum is the graceful queen.
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    Paph. sanderianum 'Crystelle'

    A quick check of OrchidsPlus shows no FCC's to Paph sanderianum and no awarded sanderianums with the name of 'Crystelle' which is from Frank Smith.