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  • Silvan
    some Paphiopedilum that bloomed during the year. Paph micranthum Paph. Liberty Taiwan Paph. Lola Bird Paph emersonii Paph...
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  • Silvan
    Silvan reacted to lanthier's post in the thread Paph Shin-Yi Heart with Like Like.
    (Shin-Yi Pie x Flame Heart) x Sib, which I take to be Shin-Yi Heart. Hopefully this does not cause as much angst as my Villosum post did...
  • Silvan
    Silvan replied to the thread A few blooms of 2020.
    Thanks Troy. Maintaining Phrags in the long run needs a lot of discipline and dedication :) the colour on the Emma Decker is something...
  • Silvan
    Silvan replied to the thread A few blooms of 2020.
    I love it too. a nice compact grower. Phrag. Alien Syndrome( klotzscheanum x humboldtii) x wallisii the cross was made by Robert-Jan...
  • Silvan
    Silvan reacted to NYEric's post in the thread A few blooms of 2020 with Like Like.
    Yay besseae, it's hybrids! And that green thing! :p Thanks for sharing.
  • Silvan
    Silvan replied to the thread A few blooms of 2020.
    😂 that green thing... 😂
  • Silvan
    Silvan posted the thread A few blooms of 2020 in Phragmipedium.
    Previously shown in FB. But I wanted to also share it here. For prosperity :) Phrag. Les Varines Phrag. Beaumont Phrag...
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