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    Spiranthes lacera

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    Need opinions on this one - besseae complex

    Hi all, I grew this from a flask I bought as dalessandroi. But it doesn't look like one to me. I suspect it's a Jersey (besseae x dalessandroi) or some other mix of dalessandroi and besseae. This is its second blooming. I've bloomed 3 others and they all had a similar shape. What do you...
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    I agree. Staminode's not quite correct for a pure spicerianum. Did the dorsal ever reflex?
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    Phrag Stephen Manza

    I've also moved to mostly Phrags. They're just so much easier... I will have a list for you presently 😈
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    Phrag Stephen Manza

    It's the twist. Unfortunately I didn't notice this bloom was opening right on the window of my orchid cabinet, so it got a little wonky.
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    Phrag Stephen Manza

    This is the first bloom of the first cross that I pollinated and grew myself (Orchid Origins did the flasking). A remake of JP's cross. Truly the apex of modern orchid hybridizing. Eric said he would step over any two corpses of my choice just to get his hands on one. --Stephen
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    Phrag. pearcei 'Birchwood' HCC/AOS

    Nice! Any divisions for sale?
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    Platanthera ciliaris and clavellata

    And Platanthera peramoena today in the Maryland piedmont:
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    Platanthera ciliaris and clavellata

    Blooming along the same Maryland mountain ridge as grandiflora and shriveri. There's a patch of about 50 ciliaris: This is a patch of 10 clavellata: --Stephen
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    Platanthera shriveri

    The Platanthera here in Maryland are often on streambanks rather than in full-on swamps. Moist but not saturated soil.
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    Platanthera shriveri

    It is 92 with 80% humidity this week. Perhaps now would not be the best time... Luckily, I'm headed to the SF Bay area for a week 😃.
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    Platanthera shriveri

    Blooming along the same Maryland mountain ridge as grandiflora.
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    Platanthera grandiflora and lacera

    The grandiflora is in Catoctin Mountain Park, which is the furthest east ridge line of the Appalachians in Maryland. It is pretty rare in the state. The lacera I found was in piedmont wetlands, but it grows in mountain wetlands too. It is far more common in Maryland then grandiflora. My next...
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    Platanthera grandiflora and lacera

    My new pandemic hobby has been finding Maryland native orchids. Here are 2 highlights. Platanthera grandiflora: Platanthera lacera:
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    Some news on Marriott Orchids

    This was in the most recent issue of the Slipper Orchid Alliance Journal: NEWS ABOUT MARRIOTT ORCHIDS There is major news from Hadley Cash of Marriott Orchids. For over a year he has been in the arduous process of finding a buyer for his complex paphiopedilum collection. He announced on his...