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  1. shariea

    Phragmipedium Bel Croute

    Wow! That Dendro is spectacular! It would fill my entire plant room LOL
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    Rescue Aliceara Patricia McCully

    I rescued this in 2016 from the grocery store, and have been nursing along tiny pseudo bulbs as they gradually all died but this one. It is still a small plant but YEA!!!! Open flowers yesterday! Time heals all wounds?
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    P. godefroyae

  4. shariea

    Paph Doll's Kobald x Baby Boo Boo

    This was working on opening yesterday. It looks like P. charlesworthii with the colors of the dorsal and pouch flip-flopped. Considering that it is 50% charlesworthii, this is a predictable outcome? It is a strong grower with another fan starting a flower and 3 other new growths. All in a...
  5. shariea

    guess the mystery Paph in bud

    Well done--that looks great!
  6. shariea

    Thanks Little Frog!

    One of the seedlings I bought from you at Michiana Orchid Show Oct 2019 is in low bud!!! Paph Doll's Kobald 'Pink Dorsal' x Baby Boo Boo 'Green Dorsal Pink Pouch'. Is this from an Orchid Inn flask?
  7. shariea

    Paph ?????

    2nd plant from compot to bloom. Flower open 2 days ago. The last 3 are just pushing new leaves.
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    Welcome from Indiana
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    Paph ?????

  10. shariea

    Paph ?????

    IDK, but it is very nice. I hope the remainder of the seedlings are as nice.
  11. shariea

    Paphiopedilum armeniacum new thread, final form

    It is indeed lovely
  12. shariea

    Paph ?????

    I had to use flash, as Esther's grow space is shaded in the morning. Also--The last 2 pictures are off my plant that is close to flowering, as the leaves on Esther's blooming plant look yellowy. I did my best, but my camara is old and doesn't do good close shots.
  13. shariea

    Paph ?????

    I will do that tomorrow morning. And yes, the flower had just opened the day before I took the pictures.
  14. shariea

    Paph ?????

    I did dig out the original tags today. There is a broken off one that says ocmodonum 'Pomglo', and a newer one that adds Paph at the front. I am doubtful that the vendor would be any help