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  1. shariea

    Paph Irene Schwarz

    I posted a picture of this last summer under the cross (Doll's Cobald x Baby Boo Boo), as the grex didn't have a name yet. A year ago-1 flower. This year it has 2 flower stems each with 3 buds. Super cute!!!
  2. shariea

    It's that time of year again!

    I know right? I still am hoping that the last one to flower (the spike is up to about half the height of the ones in bloom and still growing) will be just a bit different. At least a little. The plants are beasts though, and grow like weeds. The one I gave my sister is actually still alive...
  3. shariea

    Ctsm. Maria Bautista 1st bloom

    So today I was trying to see if it had fragrance, and one of the pollen bombs stuck on my forehead.
  4. shariea

    It's that time of year again!

    All 3 of my no-ID paphs are either flowering or close to flowering. I sure do like it alot!
  5. shariea

    Ctsm. Maria Bautista 1st bloom

    I hope not. Now I will be afraid to turn my back on it!
  6. shariea

    Ctsm. Maria Bautista 1st bloom

    SVO7593. The flowers started opening 2 days ago. This morning I pulled it out to take pictures and and I was attacked by the weaponized pollen! Cool
  7. shariea

    The morning sun...

    Awe inspiring!
  8. shariea

    Paph Arnie Linsman

    All in all, it was $10 well spent.
  9. shariea

    Paph Arnie Linsman

    This is as good as the measuring gets. Sorry! More pictures though! It started opening on over 2 weeks ago (5/21), and these pictures were taken minutes ago.
  10. shariea

    Testing the waters

    Welcome to the party!
  11. shariea

    Fungus gnats

    Yes, how do you brew up "mosquito dunk" water?
  12. shariea

    Paph Arnie Linsman

    Not so far
  13. shariea

    Paph Arnie Linsman

    I'll try. I have never measured a flower.
  14. shariea

    Paph. Memoria Joe Levy (gigantifolium x stonei)

    So curvy!! Should be Mem. Josephine Levy!
  15. shariea

    Paph Arnie Linsman

    It finally fully open today. I like it!