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    Pink Sky

    Wow. Well done!
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    Paph. Asteroid

    Really well grown. A lot of flower on a small plant. Well done!
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    Paphiopedilum emersonii

    Ill join everyone in saying well done. Getting it to bloom is impressive in it's own right, but the excellent quality as well....that plant is a gem.
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    Treating Boisduval Scale on buds

    Thanks! That won't cause bud blast?
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    Treating Boisduval Scale on buds

    Good Morning - I'm up to about 80 paphs now in fairly close quarters, I've got two fans that generate solid air flow. Nonetheless, I'm noticing a few isolated instances of the little white powdery demons. I'm familiar with what happens when it gets out of control....and so now I don't grow...
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    Paph Satin Smoke

    Really nice hybrid.
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    Paph gardineri - my smallest multi

    I'll leave the science to those more erudite than I, but visually there has always seemed to be some daylight there, to me at least. Great looking orchid regardless, small stature makes it a singular multi.
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    Paph urbanianum ‘Gregory ‘

    Dig that dorsal!
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    Paph Yang-Ji Diamond

    That looks to be a very cool, compact plant you've got there! A lot of great compact multi's showing up these past few years.
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    Monster Paph. platyphyllum

    That's an incredible plant. Can't be many like that.
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    LED lights and PAR w/ Paphs&Phrags

    That doesnt sound like enough light at all. You'll need around 150 for medium light - very rough estimate.
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    Liberty Taiwan first bloom

    It's such a great hybrid that a few ruffles don't really diminish it. Size and color always solid on LT to my eyes.
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    Paph Watering Philosophy

    I doubt it'll hurt but I'm very skeptical about the "science" underpinning their claims.
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    Paph dayanum

    Really one of my favorites, very sharp lines on this species. Nice one.
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    Bulbophyllum fritillariforum

    Love me some bulbos. Nice one!