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    0314Prince Edward of York

    neat !:clap:
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    is this a specific cross( I mean do the parents have a clonal name ) ? What is the flower size ? both are terrific !
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    paph kolopakingii

    I did not notice any fragrance, no
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    paph kolopakingii

    thanks all ! the plant has 3 growths, the oldest, mature one, which is blooming right now has a 70 cm LS, there's another one with a 50+ LS and a young third one with a 25cm LF When I bought the plant back in 2004 it only had 1 growth with a 25cm LS
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    Phrag besseae 'Mike'

    lovely phrag :smitten:
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    paph kolopakingii

    first bloom for this plant bought as a seedling in 2004. 3 flowers + another bud forming
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    Paph sanderianum 'Red Baroness'

    :clap: congratulations !
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    Who can be tempted?

    very nice !!!:clap:
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    Paph. (Memoria Larry Heuer x micranthum) 'Omentum'

    what a wonderful cross. the flower looks very flat, how long has it been opened for ?
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    Parvi Party

    lovely display indeed :clap:
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    My hope for a dark.....

    I hope you get more lucky than I did, I purchased 1 of these in 2005 and it turned out to be anything but dark, and also the ugliest vietnamense I had even seen/bloomed :poke:
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    1st paphs of 2010

    thanks all ! this sophronitis is a personal challenge as it is supposed to hate the warm conditions we have here in southern France. this one though has been happily growing here for a few years and I hope to keep it for a lot more years !
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    I can only agree : this is one of my favorite species . Very nice one !
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    Paph. Liberty Taiwan

    it's beautiful and very round !:clap: