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  1. Roslyn

    Show me your gardens!

    You have a very impressive front garden, Dot. Very nice combinations and contrasts of shapes and colours and textures. All so healthy, and no weeds!
  2. Roslyn

    Cochleanthes amazonica

    :clap: It's a stunning species. You're doing very well with your plant. It must like being with the paphs. It looks very healthy in what looks to be a fairly small pot, and three flowers! I can only manage one at a time on my plant.
  3. Roslyn

    Paph. charlesworthii

    I'm talking about the 18th Australian Orchid Council Conference and Show at Werribee, 8th to 13th September. I think their publicity people would be horrified to know there's an orchid grower in Melbourne who doesn't know about it.:D
  4. Roslyn

    Paph. charlesworthii

    I love Paph. charlesworthii. I know people say they are a good beginner's plant but I've managed to kill a few of them as well as lots of other 'easy' paphs. Now I'm growing paphs again and having some success I want to try another charlesworthii. I'm hoping to pick one up at the Melbourne...
  5. Roslyn

    The rats must have been starving

    It's interesting to see how well the roots are doing in the expanded clay pellets.
  6. Roslyn

    Aussie Dendrobes

    Nice labellum on the Graham Hewitt. Floriferous, too.:)
  7. Roslyn

    Hi from Australia

    Welcome, neighbour.:)
  8. Roslyn

    What's your favorite orchid?

    For many years. :rollhappy:
  9. Roslyn

    What's your favorite orchid?

    So hard to nominate a favourite, but I am very fond of my Dendrobium chrysopterum at the moment. It's only a small plant and flowered for the first time last year with flowers from 2 nodes on a very short growth. This year there will be about 8 bunches on a longer growth. It's such a stunning...
  10. Roslyn

    Gloria Naugle 'Crimson'

    My goodness! What a stunner. GN has just shot to the top of my wish list.
  11. Roslyn

    Name changes in the Cattleya Family

    Now this is where it gets interesting. Lc. C.G. Roebling is the grex name registered in 1895 for the cross between Cattleya gaskelliana and Laelia purpurata. In 1916 another grex was registered as C. C.G.Roebling, being Cattleya harrisoniana x Cattleya mendelii. So Lc. (currently Sc.) C.G...
  12. Roslyn

    TIOS 2009, photos of all paph entries

    What a treat to wake up to! It must have taken you ages to post all those wonderful pics, Hardy. Thank you so much.:)
  13. Roslyn

    Greetings from Australia

    Thank you for the friendly welcome. I grow a lot of dendrobiums including Spatulata hybrids, Latourea species and hybrids, Australian Native species and hybrids, soft-canes, Phalaenanthe species and hybrids, Indian species, and assorted others. I have a number of Cymbidium species and some...
  14. Roslyn

    Greetings from Australia

    It's time I did this, so here goes! I have been a hobby grower of orchids for over 20 years, and I have a mixed collection of over 2,500 plants of various genera, but I have never grown many paphs. I'll rephrase that. I have never grown many paphs successfully. I've done OK with phrags, but...