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  1. Roly0217

    Three Phrags

    I still don't have any phrags but these pictures make want to get some. I love the intense red on the Jason Fishers but as far as shape I would take the Fox Valley Fireball in a heartbeat. Regardless they are all lovely. Congrats !!!!
  2. Roly0217

    January blooms

    I really like them all but the urbanianum is probably my top choice. How long is the inflorescence on that second picture?? It looks huge !!!!
  3. Roly0217

    My purpuratum

    That's a beautiful bloom !!!! This plant just went up into my top 5 most wanted...LOL
  4. Roly0217

    Post Christmas Blues - Cattleya style

    WOW !!! That's a beautiful coerulea. That lip is gorgeous !!!!
  5. Roly0217

    Paph barbigerum 'G'

    Ross or Rick are these the seedling plants that were on sale last year at the end of the year??? If so I can't wait to see mine bloom.
  6. Roly0217

    Paphiopedilum Wossner Armenijack

    It looks really nice. I too love the hairy armpits:P Congrats on getting a regular flower this time.
  7. Roly0217

    December blooms

    I like all three. They are beautiful. I need to work on getting me those last 2 since I just got a fairianum recently. Congrats on the blooms !!
  8. Roly0217

    Paph venustum

    They look awesome together !!! I really like this species now. I have to convince my plant now that it has to bloom soon. :)
  9. Roly0217

    Two Paph. godefroyaes

    They are both gorgeous !!!! I'll take them in a heartbeat. And like everyone said the plants look really well grown. Congratulations !!!!
  10. Roly0217

    Paph Fanaticum 'Sunset'

    That's just gorgeous !!! A very long stem and very round flower. This cross is micranthum x malipoense right ??
  11. Roly0217

    Paph druryi

    Congratulations !!! Paph druryi was one of the first paphs that I ever wanted to get yet I haven't gotten one so far. I will soon; in the meantime I'll enjoy your pictures
  12. Roly0217

    Paphiopedilum spicerianum

    Thank you both!!! Eric I didn't purchase it. I got is as my Holiday plant at one of the societies that I belong too. Apparently the small emerging greenish white buds weren't appealing to most people. In that society most people like the pretty big showy flowers.
  13. Roly0217

    Smack the pinguin

    320.5 has been my best so far...LOL!!!
  14. Roly0217

    Paphiopedilum spicerianum

    Thanks everybody for the nice comments. I am very happy with this plant. The last of the 3 buds opened and the plant looks soooo distinguished.:)
  15. Roly0217

    Reno After a snow storm!

    WOW !!! That's beautiful !!! I love the serenity of it all. Are those eagles flying and on the top of the trees ??