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    Hello again, now from Olean, NY

    Yes, venustum, and that's it! Well, I did order a Phrag. pearcei - but that's it! A niveum or bellatum would be nice, I guess that's not too much, but that's it! I mean, a barbatum would be too much! Well, maybe one after a while... :)
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    Hello again, now from Olean, NY

    Yes, the "just one more" philosophy seems to be a slippery slope! :)
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    Hello again, now from Olean, NY

    Hi, did you miss me? I joined slippertalk about 4 years ago, ready to start my paph empire, starting orchid seeds in jars, but this and that happened and I moved and gave away a lot and kept my favs plants and they languished. But they did not die, now I have landed in middle-of-nowhere...
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    Chlorine fumigation seed method for Paphs

    Thanks for the congratulations everyone and thanks for the details Trithor - it really helps a lot to hear how other people handle the details!
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    Chlorine fumigation seed method for Paphs

    Ha! Glad you caught that! No, I didn't make control flasks, although I did let them sit for two weeks to make sure they were clean, and I had no visible contamination in those two weeks. Controls would be a good idea but I'm not unhappy with this level of contamination given how...
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    Chlorine fumigation seed method for Paphs

    Hi everybody, I am very happy to share this picture of green dots in a jar! This is my first batch of Paphs ever, P. bellatum and P. spicerianum, and half of them I did with a new method I wanted to try - chlorine fumigation. Chlorine fumigation sterilization is described here...
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    old flowers: wither or clip

    Here's a survey question for everyone: What do you do when a flower starts to fade? - clip it as soon as it starts to go? (green clip) - wait until it dies back to clip it? (dry clip) I have always felt that he plant is busy sucking nutrients out of a withering flower so best to leave...
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    Hsinying Rubyweb x Hsinying Pitch

    Spectacular! Looks like if you called it a "lady slipper" it would smack you in the face!
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    Selling most of my paphs...

    Yikes! Yea, the other thing we did is throw out lots of stuff. Turned my aunt into a bit of a minimalist and she says she's happier for it. Something I'd like to do but never seems to happen, being the family's repository for late ancestor's belongings. Good luck. I would certainly be...
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    Selling most of my paphs...

    We had a similar problem in my aunt's house. A 60+ year old house in Texas, brown recluse spiders would show up magically in every room, in numbers. We tried fumigating (unprofessionally) and my aunt was ready to sell the house. What did work was caulk and spray foam. We went sort of...
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    Wonderful! Nothing like the excitement of a first bloom. Great photo too!
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    Greetings from Philadelphia

    Hi from Florida! From a fellow lurker, there is a wealth of great info here!
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    Paph spicerianum

    Beautiful. So much fun to watch them open. Mine is about a week behind yours!
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    Any Ideas?

    Whatever it is, it's super cool!
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    Hmm, for me it's a toss up between the transistor and the poptart.