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    16th International Slipper Symposium

    Hi Bob Im going as well, arriving friday @ 12 let me know if that timing works and I'll give you a ride. Rob
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    Phragmipedium hangianum x malipoense- difficult?

    For me it is much easier than Larry Heuer as far as it grows faster and blooms more readily
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    15th International Slipper Orchid Symposium • November 2, 2013 • Orlando, FL

    ok, I booked a flight, any one else going? cheers, Rob
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    15th International Slipper Orchid Symposium • November 2, 2013 • Orlando, FL

    No HP from Orchidview this year? I'm on the fence about coming this year, I have a new 2 month old girl, my first!, and airfare is crazy right now
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    Why Paph. Crystelle is not avaible?

    Hi Eric, It is in a course/ medium fir bark, sponge rock, charcoal mix as most my parvis are, well drained in my opinion and grown in a orchid heavy greenhouse with a 50% plus humidity and @ 60-70% shade. Brachys probably don't like my 55 degree lows at night in Jan-Feb.I'd love to save it or...
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    Why Paph. Crystelle is not avaible?

    I won one of Frank Smith's Crystelle plants from an auction at the Slipper symposium several years ago, it was pricey just ask Eric, and sadly it has been going down hill since I got it. It is down to 2 small growths and I will probably lose it despite many attempts to fix whatever it is that it...
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    It is A. macroura from Brazil, it is endangered there
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    Roddy Gabel USFWS in New Hampshire!

    Wow, is CITIES actually enforced? Hard to tell by plants offered at AOS shows, member growers and ebay. Sorry to be flip but really,the genie is not only out of the bottle but has sold it! Rob
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    International Slipper Symposium this coming weekend

    Crystelle didn't come to mass this time unlike the last time if was offered, if it's any consolation Eric, I have not bloomed the one I paid $400 for three years ago. I had a great time and do recommend that all of you who may be on the fence to reconsider going next year given the access to all...
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    International Slipper Symposium this coming weekend

    Hi Bob, I'll be there again this year if the hurricane doesn't mess up my work schedule. Rob
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    Paph. trigrinum questions

    I agree with Cheyenne, I grow tigrinum with all my parvis and they rarely blast and usually put up multiple spikeseach year and grow well. My problem is that they never seem to hold on to older growths for long so it is hard to get it past 3-4 growths at any one time. Rob
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    News on Parkside Orchids

    Bob, I agree it is a sad day and I join you in mourning the closing! John, Tom and staff, fostered my early orchid obsession with great advice, great plants but most of all with patience, generosity and an overall outstanding professional customer service I have found in few nursuries since. I...
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    The Case of the Mysterious Muncher

    Sorry for the typo, the Norito plants were Francisco baptista first bloom
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    The Case of the Mysterious Muncher

    Ive lost over 50 budded paphs do to mice in the last three weeks, 17 mice caught so far. The worst part is from Norito and ate 2 of the first Rex vandeldens that spiked after 5 years of growing. Oh the joy of growing! Rob
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    My two cents worth

    In my experience there is now very little room to make money selling paphs, especially if you are breeding them. 7 years ago I started to buy in Tawain breed plants via Hawaii and now I see the same plants for sale, some in bud, on Ebay for less than I paid for them as seedlings or nbs. The paph...