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    Morel Mother Load

    That is truly a box of yellow gold. Those are so good. Our season is now till May but it's been dry. Happy eating!!! --Allen--
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    Hello from Nebraska

    Welcome fellow Nebraskan. I'm in Lincoln and I also grow paphs. I can't believe Heather forgot about me :sob:..I've been here nearly four years.:poke: --Allen--
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    Orchid Quilting

    Maybe auction items for the forum...just a thought. (Pillow appliques?) --Allen--
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    Newly awarded 86pt. AM

    Mine is still in the bud stage...looking at yours makes me even more excited. Congratulations!!! --Allen--
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    Winter wonderland

    That's a lot of snowflakes...and no two are alike.(supposedly) That is truly amazing. Beautiful photos. --Allen--
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    Paph Randy Randolph X 3 !!!

    WOW...I like that..very nice!! --Allen--
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    Hey what's up?

    Welcome James...give us a little more detail about yourself. --Allen--
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    Ebay question-Whats up with that?

    You need to keep refreshing even in the last minute....but if you have slow connection your screwed because it just takes to long. Been there...had it happen!!! --Allen--
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    Funny how a picture speaks a thousand words in any language.:rollhappy::rollhappy::rollhappy: --Allen--
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    Smack the pinguin

    My best is 322.9 and I agree about not getting that time back.:rollhappy: --Allen--
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    The ugliest phrag bloom

    A good arguement for teaching your 'chids' not to go near the appliances without supervision.:poke: --Allen--:rollhappy:
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    Too funny cat video

    Cats can be very entertaining...I have't had one for several years now. Kittens are especially entertaining. --Allen--
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    Christmas in California

    I second the "BITE ME"...right now it's 27 degrees and 18 degree wind chill that is heavy parka weather you light weight. --Allen--
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    Paph.Jolly Copper

    That one is beautiful...very nice!!! --Allen--
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    Cycnoches Kevin Clarke

    I really like the looks and the fragrance of these. Mine was finished last month and is now losing it's leaves for the winter. --Allen--