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  1. PhuphamanOrchid

    ULTIMATE Wanted List.

    I thought i have Bulbo quite well covered but i have nothing at all on that whole list :-(
  2. PhuphamanOrchid

    Wanted Dendrophylax lindenii

    I am looking for a few blooming sized Dendrophylax lindenii from any where in the world, if any one has any leads please get in tough with me :-) Andy
  3. PhuphamanOrchid

    All sorts of orchids

    Andy contact Heather if you're interested in being a forum supporting vendor here.
  4. PhuphamanOrchid

    Wanted mexipedium xerophyticum

    Hi there i am looking for mexipedium xerophyticum in any form seedling flask or b/s plants even seedpods can anyone help ???
  5. PhuphamanOrchid

    Label Printer FOR SALE

    I take it that it prints on plastic labels dose it? if so i am interested thanks andy
  6. PhuphamanOrchid

    Dendrobium spectabile var. flavum

    I'll have it if it is still going please contact me :-) thanks andy