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    Paphiopedilum anitum

    Congrats on the blooming....... lovely bloom. Ed
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    You can find a pic of mine on one of my threads. Ed
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    I had one flowered last year with three blooms. To my mind they are the most beautiful of all the multifloral hybrids. Youd did great buying four... I hope they all turn out as you would like them to. Ed
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    Six spikes for the MDC this year

    Fantastic David.... you sure have green fingers with the phrags. Would love to see it in full bloom. Ed
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    Phrag Carmine.

    That;s a cracker Eric.....if there is no reflexing I think it must be one of the best kovachii hybrids. Ed
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    Paph Wossner Black Wings x Lady Rothschild

    Brilliant.... love it!! Ed
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    sanderianum just opening.

    Thanks Paphluvr........ glad to be back and to have some plants worthwhile. Ed
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    Starting a time-lapse of Phrag Grande in sheath today, Dec 9 2017

    Very,very interesting William you must have plenty of patience. Ed
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    Phrag giganteum x caudatum 31"

    Love this hybrid. Ed.
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    sanderianum just opening.

    This should be really nice once the sepals have elongated. Three buds opening and one to come!! Ed
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    Paph. kolokapingii.

    Pleased with this but all credit must go to orchidbaz for growing this for years. The plant is grown in a 20cm pot. Ed.
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    Paph Bel Royal

    Lovely and well photographed blooms. Yes they do get very big. Mine is a very old one and has a leaf span of 63 inches -- takes up a lot of room in the greenhouse. I have it hung up and the leaves are so heavy that they just hang down. Hasn't flowered for a couple of years but should put on a...
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    New arrivals from Malvern International Show

    Wow Gary you got some lovely plants --- and really pushed the boat out!!! Best of luck with them. Ed.
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    Prince Edward of York.

    A first and very pleasing result.
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    My small Roth.

    The blooms are 6.5" across. Ed