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  1. phrag guy

    My medusas

    Very nice Dan,that is great.
  2. phrag guy

    Phrag. season

    Funny i was saying that to a good friend ,how all my besseae seam to be spiking or are flowering already
  3. phrag guy

    Phrag. Don Wimber 'Barbara Ann' Am/Aos

    I love it, wish I had a piece of that one. Good buy Great picture also
  4. phrag guy

    Schlimii 'Wilcox'

    very nice
  5. phrag guy

    Phragmipedium Pink Panther

    very nice
  6. phrag guy

    For sale Phrag tetzlaffianum

    Phrag tetzlaffianum I just repotted my plant and have pulled these off. For sale in Canada only, sorry. $20-$40 each plus shipping [email protected] All sold Thanks Russell
  7. phrag guy

    Phrag Barbara LeAnn

    That is a very nice one, keeper for sure
  8. phrag guy

    Phrag sedenii 'Powder Puff'

    Nice one, great to see
  9. phrag guy

    Phragmipedium Elfin's Luxury

    That one turned out to be very nice.
  10. phrag guy

    Phragmipedium Mem. Brent Nelson

    It flowered nicely considering the travelling it did. Great job Jean-Pierre
  11. phrag guy

    Phragmipedium Elfin's Jubilation 'Mini'

    The colour is their and the patterns on the pouch are very nice, it does look a lot smaller than the others from the cross.
  12. phrag guy

    New website

    Well done Jean-Pierre,great pictures and info
  13. phrag guy

    Phrag Memoria Dick Clements

    nice, different than what we are used to seeing over here
  14. phrag guy


    very nice to see, great colour