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  1. Paul

    Paph delenatii and 2 sneak peeks

    Very nice breeding! I'm so jalous as I have never smelled any delenatii ... actually I will trust it only when I find a fragrant one lol !!!
  2. Paul

    Paph lawrenceanum v. hyeanum

    nice flower!!
  3. Paul


    that's a perfect delenatii!!
  4. Paul

    Paph. platyphillum

    Yes, it's exactly what we could wait from that kind of cross. However, if you cross two platyphyllum and get exactly the same plants (and all the plants I've seen are similar) it can't be F2 hybrid (F1 x F1). I have selfed the plant and got seedlings, It should take 4 to 5 years to see the...
  5. Paul

    Paph venustum

    No the flowers are 4-6 weeks old now, and still the same.
  6. Paul

    Paph. Susan Booth and William Ambler "wanchaio"

    that's really darks flowers, bravo
  7. Paul

    Paph. laevigatum

    nice plant and bloom!
  8. Paul

    Paph. lowii

    Of course I'll do, and with the other lowii's just opening together.
  9. Paul

    Paph. jackii

    I grow it a little brighter and warmer than malipoense, with smaller pot and good air arround it. It doesn't need to rest that much in winter and likes medium grade compost, not too wet.
  10. Paul

    Paph. jackii

    That's the nicest flower I had with it, the most colourful. And yes, it's slightly fragrant: lime scent. ;)
  11. Paul

    Paph venustum

    This is Fox Catcher FCC/AOS x self ;)
  12. Paul

    Paph malipoense

    I think I'll try to keep it another decade!! The scent is fantastic, you really want to eat it like a raspberry.
  13. Paul

    Paph. platyphillum

    I think it's the third time it blooms. It's from Orchid Limited some years ago.
  14. Paul

    flasks and BS P. kovachii (EU only)

    thank you Eric.
  15. Paul

    Paph venustum

    Two plants, maybe I could cross them