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  1. paphreek

    2018 Slipper Orchids (Jan to Apr)

    Thanks for resurrecting this post. I missed it the first time through. Many nice flowers!
  2. paphreek

    Paphiopedilum (Lady Rothschild x gigantifolium)

    Very nice, Peter!
  3. paphreek

    3 Kings

    All are decent flowers, but I like the form and petal width of number two the best while the other two have better colors. Nice job blooming all three and thanks for the comparison pics!:)
  4. paphreek

    King Charles

    Wawona Maiden X charlesworthii
  5. paphreek

    Phrag Jerry Lee Fischer

    Just changed host sites.
  6. paphreek

    Phrag Jerry Lee Fischer

    A second generation kovachii hybrid (besseae X Incan Treasure) made by Orchids, Limited. NS: 13.7 cm, PW: 4.0 cm. [/UR [url=https://postimages.org/]
  7. paphreek

    Aragon 'Ann' - Judged

    Very nice!
  8. paphreek

    Global Surprise 'A1742'

    I agree. the green inner circle on the synsepal is striking.
  9. paphreek

    One Hawaiian vendor closed and more in deep trouble...

    I believe that this might be the case with Mr. Komoda
  10. paphreek

    Paph. Mamie Wison

    Did you use the purpurascens form or the the flavum form of primulinum?
  11. paphreek

    some variation of Paphiopedilum niveum

    Thanks! Comparison threads are always interesting.
  12. paphreek

    C. Dream Weaver 'Rudak'

    beautiful flower! It's great to see you posting, again. I always enjoy you're experienced input.
  13. paphreek

    Another Iluka Queen

    I like these complex x sukhakulii crosses. I've tried to make them a couple times, but have yet to get any seed. :(
  14. paphreek

    Paph Lady Clunas 'Whatcroft Hall'

    Thanks for the link!
  15. paphreek

    Paph Lady Clunas 'Whatcroft Hall'

    I've struggled to grow this plant, so this is the first time I've bloomed it. I have tried so crosses. I will keep you up to date.