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    Browning lower part of leaf

    I notice rot happens when temperatures too warm or too cold. When I water in the summer, I try to water it early in the morning so the leaf axil are dry before nightfall. In winter I usually water the pots carefully so water doesn't get in the crown or leaf axil. Make sure you have good air...
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    Browning lower part of leaf

    Looks like a bit of rot on the plant. You may have to cut out the rot and dust if with cinnamon on the wounds. I notice your media has lots of tiny white stuff. It could be molds. Make sure you have a fan nearby to give it some gentle air movement.
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    Lc. Stonehouse ‘Duke of Bridgewater’

    Absolutely gorgeous!
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    My experiment with seedlings,,

    Wow looks healthy!
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    Some flasks I got from Sam

    Thanks! :D
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    Some flasks I got from Sam

    Nice seedlings. Should have purchased your cross instead of roth 'King Kong' x 'Sandy' cross.
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    Paph. rothschildianum

    Beautiful flowers! I knew it was vigorous grower.
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    Phalaenopsis bellina

    Very beautiful bellina
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    Paph. hangianum 'First Class Charlie'

    Stunning clone!
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    Brassia cattleya hippodamia

    beautiful flowers. Is it fragrant?
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    Paph. Lady Isabel first bloom

    Simply amazing color!
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    Masdevallia Ionocaris

    Nice, is it fragrant?
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    My Cyps

    That is beautiful, Wendy!
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    Disa uniflora

    That is beautiful!