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  1. Paphluvr

    paphiopedilum aureum

    Will it open more than that? Lowii isn't normally so hooded.
  2. Paphluvr

    Paph. Salvador Dali

    I'm totally in agreement with you. This is a cross that should never have been made, it just muddied up the identification of the Cochlopetalum section species.
  3. Paphluvr

    A couple of December bloomers posted a month late

    I just repotted it this spring and it's just beginning to send up a spike. I like to grow my plants into specimans and generally don't divide them unless they fall apart during repotting or need a piece removed for overall appearance. I will put your name on it though if a piece becomes...
  4. Paphluvr

    Paph Wilhelmina's Stone

    Very nice
  5. Paphluvr

    New member questions

    If you try folding back the dorsal in the second photo you'll probably split it. It's OK to do if you like the look better but some Paphs just have a dorsal the is naturally very cupped. It will probably always bloom that way.
  6. Paphluvr

    Paph. Vanda M. Pearman

    Very nice VMP!
  7. Paphluvr

    Rlc. Susan Fender ‘Cinnamon Stick’

    What a beautiful display!
  8. Paphluvr

    Spiranthes romanzoffiana

    I think I've taken a photo of this same spider on an ox-eye daisy back in the days before digital. It had nabbed a bee and was in the process of webbing it up. I had a 50mm macro mounted at the time, but the plant was in full shade. I had to cut the flower and "plant" it in a sunny spot in order...
  9. Paphluvr

    Phragmipedium Darlene Thompson

    Which is closest to true color, the outdoor or indoor photos? I think the color outdoors is awesome but have a feeling that the indoor colors are truer. Either way, a very attractive flower.
  10. Paphluvr

    Micranthum Hybrid

    Quit nice. Very "Magic Lantern" ish. Do you know the parentage of the Mem Hirohisa Kawai?
  11. Paphluvr

    Paph. Salvador Dali

    I finally had to remove the spike from two seasons ago that finally stopped blooming, so now it's back to just two again. Too bad because there were still brachs for the buds to form at the end of the spike. This is from this seasons spike. I don't remember it carrying three flowers at one time...
  12. Paphluvr

    Paph Memoria Gisèle Ostiguy

    Very nice. What are the parents, please?
  13. Paphluvr

    Rlc. Siam Red

    Probably one of the nicest red Catt's I've seen.
  14. Paphluvr

    Mint Chocolate

    Another winner.
  15. Paphluvr

    2 thaianum, one scented

    Quit a difference in size. I like the overall proportions of the larger one.