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  1. Paph Paradise

    Paphiopedilum violescens

    An unusual little species from New Guinea. These can be very challenging to grow. I have only seen one plant that wanted to hang on to its old growths. Most seem to lose the older growths as the new ones mature. Might have been the strain I was working with before. This strain seems to be very...
  2. Paph Paradise

    Paph Magic Paradise 'Niagara' AM/AOS

    Good question! I just looked closely at photos of Paph liemianum and this plant and the staminodes look very similar. I will have to examine them more closely at the nursery tomorrow. I guess I better not take this hybrid back to liemianum or we would never be able to tell we have a hybrid. Dave
  3. Paph Paradise

    Paph Magic Paradise 'Niagara' AM/AOS

    We were finally able to have judging yesterday! This plant received an 88 point AM/AOS. This is the first award to a hybrid made by Paph Paradise (all previous awards to our breeding were species). This particular plant has the best color we have seen from the cross so far. There have been a few...
  4. Paph Paradise

    Paphiopedilum tigrinum season

    The 'Richard' clone is a bit larger. The photo is a little overexposed. Dave
  5. Paph Paradise

    Paphiopedilum tigrinum season

    We usually get flowers from this species in May and September. Our crazy hot weather caused a few plants to blast their buds this spring. These two clones flowered and we have made the reciprocal crosses. Last year's pods had good germination in the lab so we hope to make more of these...
  6. Paph Paradise

    Paphiopedilum emersonii

    We have routinely put anything that comes out of flask on heat mats. Since most of our deflasking is done in the spring and summer, the heat mats aren't really on much. Most Phrags grow so fast that they are into individual pots by fall and off the heat mats. Phrag besseae compots were not kept...
  7. Paph Paradise

    Paphiopedilum emersonii

    We give all of our seedlings bottom heat until they hit 2" pots, then they join the rest of the plants in the greenhouse to fend for themselves. Younger plants are kept in the warmer parts of the nursery. Those that prefer cooler winters are moved to cooler areas once they are mature. Dave
  8. Paph Paradise

    Paphiopedilum emersonii

    Their natural habitat in the winter they not only has cool nights, but cool days. Winter nights are about 10 C and winter days max out around 16 C. We give them nights around 14 C and days can be in the 20's C when it's sunny. Winters are also pretty dry in situ, which is why my awarded plant...
  9. Paph Paradise

    Paphiopedilum emersonii

    Leslie: just a single growth with a 6" leaf span. A couple larger, 3 growth siblings blasted buds that formed earlier in the winter. We had a really warm February and they didn't like it. SliperKing: not my cross, they came from Holger Perner a few years back. Probably 6 years from flask. They...
  10. Paph Paradise

    Paphiopedilum emersonii

    I lost my best one a few years ago when it got too much water over the winter. This first time bloomer will do nicely! A few more siblings are in bud so hopefully there is at least one more keeper among them. Dave
  11. Paph Paradise

    Paph charlesworthii

    I hear comments about people struggling with this species all the time. We don't do anything special and ours grow really well. They grow on hillsides so they need a well drained mix. I have seen them struggle when grown in a 'wetter' media. We use Orchiata with about 30% number 3 perlite and...
  12. Paph Paradise

    Interesting colored Phrag manzurii

    This little guy popped open a few days ago with a pretty unique color pattern. I selfed it to see if we can get more like it. Dave
  13. Paph Paradise

    Phrag Peruflora Cirle Alca

    Our Phrag collection is growing rapidly. We recently acquired a large number of plants from Ecuagenera. When the Santa Barbara show was cancelled we bought most of the Phrags they had brought with them. It helped make the best of a bad situation. They got rid of a bunch of plants and we got to...
  14. Paph Paradise

    A couple black petaled Paphs

    Paph Macabre Illusion and Mystically Contrasting. Most of the Mystically Contrasting have had a pink background but this one did not. It has a petal width of 3.5 cm on a small, first bloom plant. The pollen will go onto this Macabre Illusion.
  15. Paph Paradise

    Paph sukhakulii

    Paph sukhakulii 'Cabernet'. This is seedling from a sibling cross made by Tetsu in Japan. Solid pouch color is something I have been looking for in this species. The other flower on the plant was pollinated with a very dark flower that Leslie Ee was kind enough to share from a Tokyo Orchid...