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  1. P.K.Hansen

    Paphiopedilum Wossner Helene (charlesworthii x helenae)

    It's in bloom right now.
  2. P.K.Hansen

    Paph. purpuratum

    It has now reflexed to the "correct" shape. Looks better that way 😊
  3. P.K.Hansen

    Paphiopedilum henryanum ‘EggPlant’

    Impressive color.
  4. P.K.Hansen

    Paphiopedilum helenae Blooms

    Sweet. I've only got one, but it opened a few days ago. Will post it when it's ready for the public 😊
  5. P.K.Hansen

    Double Header!

    Nice :) None of mine are showing signs of buds yet.
  6. P.K.Hansen

    Paph. purpuratum

    It's only been open for a few days, so it might still do so.
  7. P.K.Hansen

    Paph. purpuratum

    First time flowering plant from Schwerter in Germany. i've seen nicer ones, but it's a sweet little flower.
  8. P.K.Hansen

    Paph. Vanda M. Pearman

    I really like this hybrid :) Second time it's flowering.
  9. P.K.Hansen

    Paphiopedilum tigrinum

    Nice pattern. Love it.
  10. P.K.Hansen

    Paphiopedilum violescens

    I think they are wonderful :)
  11. P.K.Hansen

    Paph. henryanum

    Nice flowers :)
  12. P.K.Hansen

    Paph. venustum

  13. P.K.Hansen

    Paph. henryanum

    Oh.... wonderful :) found a bud in one of mine today too.
  14. P.K.Hansen

    Paph callosum ( crossii ? )

    @Martin Yes. I really like their plants.