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    Brachypetalum pollination

    We generally do not pollinate first bloom seedlings unless they are extra large healthy plants. Pollination of even a vigorous plant takes a tremendous amount of energy from the plant. We did pollinate this last season an outstanding complex that was quite vigorous with two new growths beginning...
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    Parvisepalum are typically slow, however Paph. malipoense are as quick as complex Paphiopedilums from community pot. Paph. malipoense is one Pari that prefers to be kept a bit more wet. The key is to keep them watered and fertilized on a regular basis. We water our community pots about once a...
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    Paph. conco-bellatulum

    Hello, Many of you know I have been active in breeding complex slippers. I have been looking for a division of Paph. Geraldine 'Pajaro' to no avail. I though I'd post here in hopes it exists in someones collection. If you have a division for sale or trade, let me know. Thank you in advance...
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    Flask sources

    Hello Slipper aficionadoes, Attached is a link to our latest ShouOut offering. We send one out each month offering flasks, community pots, select divisions, special offers, and more. To receive future listing just send a message from the Hillsview Gardens contact page...
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    AOS judging fees increased

    A.O.S. is not in danger of slipping into oblivion nor struggling to survive rest assured. As a commercial grower and hobbyist at hart, nothing can compare to attending a local orchid society meeting and engaging with the speaker, exchanging ideas and growing techniques. The different color forms...
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    AOS judging fees increased

    As I travel and speak to Orchid Societies around the country there are indeed Orchid Societies that are quite vibrant and in no danger of becoming obsolete. Anyone who had visited the Florida region certainly knows the incredible number of local members that participate not only in their own...
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    AOS judging fees increased

    The Seattle judging center closure is a sad state of affairs for everyone in the once vibrant Orchid Growing Pacific Northwest Region. When orchid growers and local societies do not support the judging centers by bringing in plants, getting involved and participating, this is what happens. The...
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    Hillsview Gardens - Flask and Community Pot List

    January ShoutOut from Hillsview Gardens - Flask and Community Pots Lind to PDF below. http://docs.wixstatic.com/ugd/ddb435_c170aa735f474b35a8b3d616a803df8f.pdf Running low on HP596 and HP597 Happy New Year!
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    Slipper Symposium PreOrder List

    Hillsview Gardens will be offering plants for sale at the 19th International Slipper Orchid Symposium held in conjunction with the AOS Fall Members Meeting at Highland Manor in Apopka, FL. October 31 - November 3. Our PreOrder list is posted at the top of our home page for Hillsview Gardens...
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    Slipper Orchid Symposium/ AOS Meeting

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    Hillsview Gardens ShoutOut Special October

    Hillsview Gardens ShoutOut Special featuring Complex Paphiopedilum Seedlings at Wholesale Prices, Select Divisions, Species, and Classic White Complex. PDF link below or visit Hillsview Gardens homepage and click the link at the top of the page. Also available at our Hillsview Gardens facebook...
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    Paph. rungsuriyanum primary crosses

    Would love to cross it with Paph. mastersianum and Paph. hookerae, would not hesitate one minute.
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    Flash Sale Week of 9/6 to 9/13

    Hillsview Gardens is having a first time Flash Sale for Slippertalk! All community pot sales from our Hobby Community Pots – Summer Special will receive a 10% discount for one week ONLY! Follow the link below to our Shout Out Special...
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    Paph. Dollgoldi

    Hi Eric, all the plants we are sending out are multi-growth.
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    Paph. Dollgoldi

    Paph. Dollgoldi (rothschildianum 'Early Bird' x armeniacum 'Golden Globe'), these have been outstanding in color and form with many presenting 3 flowers on first bloom seedlings. The photo shows two first bloom seedlings. We just received word, a client received an FCC/AOS award on her plant at...