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  1. OrchidIsa

    Masdevallia Whiskers

    Love love love!!!!
  2. OrchidIsa

    bougainvilleanum opening

    Oh... delicate beauty! I totally love it!
  3. OrchidIsa

    Paph. hainanense

    I have no words!!
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  5. OrchidIsa

    Cymbidium hookerianum

    What a beauty!!
  6. OrchidIsa

    Paph. wilhelminae

    Amazing! Both pictures and flowers :)
  7. OrchidIsa

    Helen Congleton

    Oh wow :) Beauty!
  8. OrchidIsa

    Paph. delenatii variations

    Love them all! Beautiful :) Thanks for the family pictures ;)
  9. OrchidIsa

    Micranthum v eburneum

  10. OrchidIsa

    Paph micranthum

    Another first for me! Got this plant 3 years ago (or is it 4?) The spike appeared in fall 2016 but stayed low and still for a year. Fall 2017, it started to grow again and bloomed for me!!! I never thought I would be able to bloom a micranthum but yes, I am! I find the flower really great, even...
  11. OrchidIsa

    Paphiopedilum tranlienianum

  12. OrchidIsa

    Paph Cam's cloud

    ... it might improve but somewhere else ;)
  13. OrchidIsa


    Nope :) Not all... look at my Cam’s cloud ;)
  14. OrchidIsa


    A regular, often in bloom but sooooo cute :) For me, the shape is perfect and I love the colours! Spicerianum by Isa Belle
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    This one is awesome!! Admit it lol I totally love this one!! :smitten: Tranlienianum by Isa Belle