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    a tale of tails

    I don't remember for sure. It was most likely out of a flask from Chuck Acker years ago, but it could have been from Windy Hill Gardens as a small plant. Mike
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    a tale of tails

    It struck me as interesting how similar these flowers are, but how different the petals are, so I took the time to investigate. The photo on the left is Les Dirouilles, which is Sorcerer's Apprentice x Leslie Garay. SA = longifolium x sargentianum. LG = caudatum x longifolium. The photo on...
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    Wössner Favourite

    It really is a great flower. The first time you posted it, I was inspired to locate a couple of seedlings. They are still a year or so away from blooming, but I would be very happy if they turn out to be as nice as yours. Mike
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    Has anyone planted a flask of paphs directly into sphagnum?

    Here are the photos comparing tigrinum in Orchiata + perlite vs moss. The plants have been in the compots for about 2 months. The roots of the seedlings did not appear to penetrate into the flask medium very well, but they were adequate. After taking the time to compare these, I've decide to...
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    Has anyone planted a flask of paphs directly into sphagnum?

    Kate After 4-6 months, I have a lot of algae growing on the moss. It doesn't cause any problems, but I don't care for the look. By then, the fastest growing plants are ready to move into single pots. So, I gather all of the compots from the source flask and remove all of the seedlings. This...
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    Has anyone planted a flask of paphs directly into sphagnum?

    I put some tigrinum seedlings out of a flask from Sam into sphagnum and they are doing just fine after 2 months. Also, I have started putting phrag seedlings from flask into sphagnum and it seems to work well, especially for kovachii. The phrags show excellent root growth in moss and I am...
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    Question Paphiopedilum blooming

    I've bloomed hainanense two years out of flask. I have some roth hybrids that are more than 10 years out of flask and have not yet bloomed. Mike
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    Lady Isabel

    Lady Isabel x conco-bellatulum, but I believe conco-bellatulum is now called wenshanense. It reminds me in some ways of Rolfei, but is much easier to bloom. Looks like it is doing well in your care. Mike
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    for Brachy-lovers

    I have never seen, or even imagined, one so densely spotted. Mike
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    Where are the bees?

    I live in a rural area and have a crappy 3/4 acre yard. In the spring it is full of dandelions and in the summer it is full of clover. I nearly always see a bumble bee or two when I mow, but I rarely see a honey bee. My guess is the ratio is at least 50:1. It has been like this for the 10...
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    ISO: Paph. Vipanii in US

    Don't know if you are still looking for a Vipanii, but I have an unbloomed plant that has two mature growths and a new one on the way. Mike
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    Awarded Peruflora's Cirila Alca for sale

    I think the plant is spoken for. Regarding the fertility, I haven't been able to use it either way, but I've only tried 5-6 times with different plants. I've heard others comment about fertility issues. I believe these were dalessandroi (pod) x kovachii (pollen). Perhaps the dalessandroi was...
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    Awarded Peruflora's Cirila Alca for sale

    abax, I've sent you a pm
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    Awarded Bel Royal x kovachii for sale

    sold - thanks everyone for responding
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    kovachii for sale

    This has been moved to ebay under seller Orchid527