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    Cattleya lueddemaniana pincelada with 5 point Flares!

    Leslie I am very interested in a flask or seed can you ship flask to the US?
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    Questions and Comments about new software.

    I thought it was a great idea to rove the ads but when I open the little man icon I have no Preferences listed to click on. Is there a another way to get to this window?
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    Any particular variety of moss...

    When you order moss what type do you order?
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    Phrag warziwiczianum

    Stunning would love to have this in my collection!
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    Scale Problem

    I have for a number of years been using Orthene and Malathion for scale on my cattleys and have no scale problems with the my paph. or phrag. These chemicals no longer control scale and I am considering trying Enstar Ag and my question is has anybody been using Enstar and if so what is your...
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    Hi Eric Someone posted you might sell croton lichleri sap or 'Dragon Blood'. I have read...

    Hi Eric Someone posted you might sell croton lichleri sap or 'Dragon Blood'. I have read several people recommend it for rot rot and I would like to give it a try. I tried to purchase it through Amazon and they list it as not available at this time. Any comment on this product will be...
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    'Dragon's Blood'

    I have been reading some members are using croton lechleri or 'Dragon's Blood' for fungus rot. Does it really work and if so how often does it need to be applied? Tried to purchase from Amazon but it is no longer available so where can I purchase it? Does it come in different strength and if...