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    Phragmipedium Barbara LeAnn ( besseae x fischeri )

    Hmmmm, I don't see the photos.
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    *Dies of anticipation*

    Nice. I'll take it. :)
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    Phragmipedium Darlene Thompson

    Yay besseae hybrids! That's a nice clump. Thanks for sharing.
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    Paphiopedilum bud development

    It's blasted, sorry. Also the mature leaves don't look well. Also, I don't believe its bellatulum. Wow!
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    Trichocentrum luridum

    Nice. Thanks for sharing. A cool grower?
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    Habenaria "rhodocheila" 'Trey's Big Red'

    Not bad. I don't even try to guess about Habs anymore.
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    Did this bud blast? Not sure what's going on here.

    There's a whole tread on here somewhere about Paph leaves. Sorry about your blast.
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    Disa media

    I've killed all I've ever tried so no help here. :(
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    Orchids as ‘weeds’

    I'll take some.
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    *Dies of anticipation*

    roth!? So what you're saying is it may bloom from that bud in about 10 years!
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    Some Australian terrestrials

    I found a site selling Australian terrestrial orchids! Yikes! Who's going to send me some soil from OZ? :)
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    Orchid Digest - Phragmipedium issue!

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    *Dies of anticipation*

    What eeeeez eeeet!?
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    How's the weather?

    People who deny manmade climate influence are like Dodo's!
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    Phrag. QF Leina'ala