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    Jumellea teretifolia

    Hi Tom, I managed to check it while the light was out tonight. There is faint fragrance. But it is not a nice one. According to my wife (with a very sensitive nose), she can't quite find anything similar, but she detects a little bit of rose-like component, but it isn't the dominant...
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    Jumellea teretifolia

    I got this from Madagascar Import of Louisiana Orchid Connection. I think it was from 2017. Finally flowered. It's been a steady, but slow grower. Here is a link to my blog post about this plant.
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    Angraecum chamaeanthus

    I got this super miniature from Afri Orchids last year. So it is a recent acquisition. I forgot to include a scale, but it is small; the leaf length is only 1cm long, and the flower diameter is about 1-2mm. It is one of the smallest Angraecum, I believe. I think it is a correct ID, but I...
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    Bulbophyllum himantosepalum

    I purchased this plant as Bulbophyllum potamophilum from Far East Agriculture in May 2017. Indeed, most of the internet photos of B. potamophilum seems to be B. himantosepalum (I haven't seen a photo of real B. potamophilum yet). B. himantosepalum is a fairly recently described species (2015)...
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    Holcoglossum (Ascocentrum) pumilum

    Happy New Year (hopefully)! I got this from Andy's Orchids as Ascocentrum pumilum a couple years ago, and it started to make a bit more flowers this year. It is a lovely miniature species. This species was misplaced in Ascocentrum, but two relatively recent studies (links in the blog) clearly...
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    LumiLED experience report and driver question for Samsung LED

    fibre, did you already buy the LED? If not, I think you should try Bridgelux EB-strip Gen 3 narrow strip. I think it is cheaper than Samsung Q (at least in the US). The driver would work for your Q-series. Sorry for the delayed response. I was a bit busy last semester, and wasn't checking...
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    Wanted - Fans for my orchid cabinet

    I'm a big fan of Nocuta fans. It isn't the cheapest, but it is water proof, quiet (at lower rpm), and lasts for a long time inside of my grow tents. Some of them can be submerged under water, so I...
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    Phragmipedium fischeri

    I got this from Troy Meyers in May 2017. It is from 'MC6945's spontaneous seeds (by Rick Lockwood). Another plant from this flask flowered earlier this summer, so it took about 2 years after deflask. It wasn't doing too well in the flask according to Troy. Seeds were sown in Oct 2014, and...
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    Epidendrum kockii

    I got this plant 3.5 years ago from Peruflora. It was tough going at first, but it is finally starting to grow better, and this is the first bloom for me. I like it. I'm growing it at a cool end of intermediate temp.
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    Laelia anceps fma. hillsii

    I got this 4 years ago from a ST member, Bullsie, and this is the first bloom. It is originally from Santa Barbara Orchid Estate, and the tag says CLA1028. I kind of like the pastel color of the lips.
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    pics from my new reef tank

    Wow, you get this much growth in 7 months? That is amazing! How do you do that? How much PPFD? Do you feed?
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    Paphiopedilum sugiyamanum

    Thank you, all. This one seems to be growing well. Philippe, I'm not sure. This one seems to grow vigorously (compared to others). It is at the edge of growth tent, so it is probably getting a bit less light (I'm guessing 100micromol/m^2/s or less). Air humidity is high (probably around...
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    Paphiopedilum sugiyamanum

    It's been flowering every year, but it did pretty well this year with 4 flowers.
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    Stelis rostratissima

    Jay Pfahl kindly told me the correct ID of this plant. It is actually Stelis rostratissima, and not S. trichostoma. I updated the blog page.
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    Cattleya marcaliana

    Yes, according to the original description, it is from Altantic Forest of southern Bahia, near Buerarema, elevation 200-300m. I think the geographic distribution is pretty limited.