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    My Best Fox Valley Fireball

    I normally don't get too excited about Phrags but this is just wonderful. Wow! Congratulations!
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    Cattleya trianaei Cashens x self

    I have a Cashen's mericlone from Carter and Holmes, still a few years from blooming. Big strong grower. Orchids Limited has just published photos of the first flowers of its percivaliana 'Mendenhall Summit' x trianaei 'Cashen's' and the result is gorgeous, link here.
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    Cattleya Maximum Lust (maxima x lueddemanniana)

    Would one caerulea parent and one alba parent result in caerulea offspring?
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    Cattleya Maximum Lust (maxima x lueddemanniana)

    A lot of maxima came through on this, didn't it. Amazing that such a primary was only just registered. What is your overall opinion of it, terryros? Do you like it?
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    Bulbophyllum croceum Lindl. 1830

    The flowers are brilliant orange little sunbursts, so cool and unusual. They only lasted about 4 days, and they have a very faint, sweet earthy fragrance, kind of like overripe fruit, or fallen autumn leaves after a rain. I got some cuttings of this plant from an OrchidBoard member last year...
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    Phragmipedium kovachii

    Congratulations on successful culture and lovely flowering. Happy new year!
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    Paph Kemp Tower 'Aubrey' AM

    Wow very pretty.
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    C. Tiffin Bells 'Orchidglade' AM/AOS

    So lovely. I grabbed the ancestry of this plant off . Super nice!!
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    My Wife Calls this my ‘Man Cave’

    That looks so nice!! Please help me organize my apartment! And the garage doesn't present any challenges with heating?
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    Stanhopea reichenbachiana

    Beautiful pure white and hyacinth fragrance! Sounds wonderful. Hopefully in the future you will get multiple spikes and can enjoy them opening over the course of several weeks.
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    Mormodia Jumbo World 'Kanazawa' HCC/AOS

    It think it depends largely on temperature. If temps are warm, I think a little water won't hurt. Cool temps and water, however, are a recipe for rot. Some plants are more susceptible than others, as well.
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    A couple of cattleya percivalliana clones

    I agree that the white is my favorite but I would prefer the tube to be closed. Both are beautiful though. Earlier today I watched a video of Jerry Fischer of Orchids Limited taking us on a tour of his December blooming Cattleyas, with lovely percivalianas, quadricolors, trianaeis, and...
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    Mormodia Jumbo World 'Kanazawa' HCC/AOS

    Yes, I almost need a whole studio in order to get a quality photo of the whole plant, ha!