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  1. monocotman

    Phal schilleriana x sib

    I agree. It doesn’t look like pure schilleriana to me. Have you looked at the video about this species on the Orchids Limited website? It’s quite different, David
  2. monocotman

    Cattleya trianaei alba

    Agreed. That is a beautifully balanced flower! David
  3. monocotman

    Cattleya schroederae

    Nice big lip! David
  4. monocotman

    Phrag Jason Fischer

    This grex is definitely not the fastest! nice bloom, David
  5. monocotman

    Cattleya warscewiczii “Firmin Lambeau”

    Nice classic! David
  6. monocotman

    Don Wimber 3N sibling seconds

    High quality flowers! David
  7. monocotman

    P. rothschildianum ('Sam's Choice' x 'MM Best') - first time bloomer

    That is a very beautiful roth! Lovely colour on the lip and petals and great stance. It should look quite special when it’s fully grown, David
  8. monocotman

    Cattleya care update

    I follow general recommendations from growers in Germany. The plants are six months away from the growth cycle that we would like. They also lose pretty much all their roots, so some adjustments are required which may take up to two years depending on the plant. Regina Elsner recommended potting...
  9. monocotman

    Cattleya care update

    Here is another Cattleya trianae that is being resurrected after a trip from South America. It too had almost no roots when I bought it from eBay last year. The sphagnum really helps the new roots develop but for my conditions it would be too much to have an entire pot of it. So a top layer of...
  10. monocotman

    Cattleya care update

    I water the sphagnum like I would do bark. It is allowed to dry out between waterings. The clay pot ensures that it dries out in about a week. The addition of a surface of sphagnum is a tip from the eminent grower Keith Davis on his cattleya web site. He puts some under the new growth to help it...
  11. monocotman

    Phragmipedium bessae in bud

    You can also use a small plastic pot. Cut off the base and slit it down the side and wrap it round the stem and fill with compost or sphagnum. Sit the pot on the compost. It will root into the compost.
  12. monocotman

    Phragmipedium bessae in bud

    Good luck with this! Is the plant growing well above the compost with the leaves on a sort of stem? Besseae is notorious for doing this and then the roots that develop around the base of the growth just stay as small nubs. I think that I can see this In the photo. This may be why the plant...
  13. monocotman

    Cattleya care update

    Leslie, you can see your advice in the development of the new growths! I am very impressed with the dowiana. The vigor of the roots is quite amazing for a species. It will fill the pot in a matter of a few months. I did give the plant a south facing window initially but it was too much sun with...
  14. monocotman

    Cattleya care update

    After the problems with rot etc that I had last year I thought that I would update everyone on the progress since. The plants were nearly all repotted into fresh orchiata and every plant now sits in its own larger individual pot, the trays have all been banished. In addition there were some new...