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  1. MarioQ

    Help with leucochilum.

    After 8 months focusing my growing on Paphiopedilum, I have my first problem. First I thought it was sun burning, now I see that it comes from inside. This plant has two new growings, the younger one looks fine. I think to cut the infected one and wait what happens. I really appreciate your...
  2. MarioQ

    Paphiopedilum bellatulum

    Thank you for all your comments. You are so kind. And yes, I remember from cattleyas that 4N are bigger and vigorous, but because I don't have real plants to compare, just reading and studying the usual characteristics of the plant, I deduce that it is what is called "type". The comment was that...
  3. MarioQ

    To stake or not to stake? Lowii spiking habit

    Well, it seems that I’m doing it well. My first lowii blooming (well, I bought it as lowii, we will see) but I’m doubting if staking or not. I prefer to not staking my orchids, but I’m confused that I see lowii pics in internet and they are upright or horizontal and here I would have a beautiful...
  4. MarioQ

    Paphiopedilum bellatulum

    My first blooming of this mature plant that I bought early October. Bud appeared mid-December. I have been enjoying it these last days. It is pretty and amazing. I always wanted a bellatulum. The collector told me that it is a 4N. To me it seems a type one, a normal bellatulum, and it doesn’t...
  5. MarioQ

    Hello from Mexico!

    It's not very difficult, but there's also no variety you can find as in other countries. I have the impression that it is a genre that in Mexico is not as favored or not well known into the taste of collectors as is the case of the cattleya alliance.
  6. MarioQ

    Hello from Mexico!

    Ok! Thanks to your comment I have seen it. Here a front pic. Thank you!
  7. MarioQ

    Hello from Mexico!

    Thank you very much for your messages. It's a nice reception. I want to learn more about this genre through your experiences and knowledge. My best wishes for 2021!
  8. MarioQ

    Hello from Mexico!

    I have a wenshanense since 2015. I was more into cattleyas and vandas, but since I moved to another city and to live in an apartment, I started growing more paphios since last summer. I'm so fascinated that now I have 29, mostly species. I share some pics, I don’t have the blooming merit (only...