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    Cattleya trianae coerulea

    A delicious sweet chocolate perfume comes off this flowers. 2 more flowers yet to open.
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    Cat. trianae 'select'

    This Is one plant, a vigourous grower and generous bloomer.
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    Cattleya warscewiczii semialba ‘Pink Trumpette’

    Beautiful plant and flower!
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    New in Massachusetts

    Welcome from Sanremo (Italy)!!!
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    Paph wardii

    Your suggestions are welcome, Always something to learn.
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    C. Mini Purple 'Tamami'

    A dwarf beauty
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    Paph wardii

    I Need to improve my photograph technique, I just tried to catch the best natural light not always easy as I sometime get a sort of mirror area in some part of the flower that reflects the intense sun light back. Into the GH the light Is missing part of the light spectrum and some colours are...
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    Paph wardii

    A nice coloured flower. It's blooming for the second time on an early and few leaves vegetation.
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    Paph bellatulum??

    I bought this as Paph bellatulum but would like to hear what do you guys think It Is. Potted in pure sfagnum with a pinch of dolomitic gravel on top. It's a nice plant with attractive mottled foliage and grows well.
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    Hi from Madeira Island

    Hi Nélio, welcome here! I just few days ago was watching a video of Pedro Spinola orchid collection. Never been there but sure It Is a wonderful place for both humans and plants!
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    Rth. Guess What 'SVO' AM/AOS

    Beautiful!!! I love orange flowers.
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    Two Paph. sukhakulii

    Even better! Can you already see the colour of the second bud?
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    Two Paph. sukhakulii

    Guru, the third will be true to its name. It also happened to me many times.
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    A couple of cattleya percivalliana clones

    Nice percivalliana, the 'oro blanco' my favourite.