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    My first phrag

    A couple of weeks ago, I asked for suggestions on what is good phrag to start with. Several people suggested Sorcerer’s Apprentice and I received one yesterday from Paph Paradise. Added photo of a beautiful,healthy, large plant- I’m so excited. Now to see if I ca actually grow it. Phrag is on...
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    Purely Organic fertilizer

    Has anyone used Purely Organic for their slippers? Is there a formula orchids? I have read an interesting article by Sue Bottoms about it and am wondering if you noticed any differences in your plants? Where did you buy it? The only ones I can find are for lawns and vegetables. Thanks
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    Very dry plants

    Thanks to everyone who replied to my post about saving really dry paphs. Here are a couple of photos of 2 representative plants. Just to show you the condition they are in Judith
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    Very dry plants

    I was in the hospital for a month and no one knew what to do with my plants. I am home now and have a lot of very dry paphs. Any ideas for saving them? Thr roots are dry, the leaves are limp. They are potted in a fine bark with a small amount of moss. I have limitations use of one arm and...
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    Considering switching some paphs to semi hydro questions

    I’ve been reading a lot about semi hydro read info on Ray’s site and checked out his presentation to the A O S and I think I would like to try switching a couple of my plants over. My main question is what do I do with the roots that are currently in a bark medium? Do I just remove all the media...
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    Paragraph suggestions

    Thanks everyone for your suggestions
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    Paragraph suggestions

    What are some good phrags to start with? I grow in my home.with both East and west exposures and some supplemental lighting. Live in New England so we are getting to better light conditions and warmer temps. Humidity is probably my biggest issue. I would love to try growing a couple of phrags...
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    Water quality

    South Central Massachusetts
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    Water quality

    Thanks everyone for all the help and advice!
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    Water quality

    Some are currently blooming. Most are just sitting there and very slowly putting out new growths.
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    Water quality

    Having been growing paphs for about 2 years, I still have a lot to learn. I’v frequently read that paphs and phrags are fussy about what kind of water you use. Is this true? For every variety or just plants with certain species in their background? I have too many plants to be able to use...
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    Difference in culture

    Thanks everyone- this is a really great site. I’ve been looking at other posts on my question and I’m getting a better idea on requirements- I understand your point,Ray; I, too, am space challenged. I have my plants in various windows, luckily, I have both an eastern and southern exposure in my...
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    New in Massachusetts

    01550 South Central near Worcester