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  1. Leo Schordje

    Anyone care to help identify hybrid?

    Moustache philippinense x St Swithin one possibility
  2. Leo Schordje

    Phrags: pot sit in water or not?

    NOTE: While rain water, or RO quality water is ideal. This would be water that is less than 100 ppm total dissolved solids, you can to some degree grow sensitive plants in medium and hard water by keeping them wetter. As media approaches dryness, the salts in the water get concentrated in the...
  3. Leo Schordje

    Phrags: pot sit in water or not?

    I've been growing Phrags since 1990, and I still keep them in trays of water through the entire year. Even Phrags potted in sphagnum are in shallow trays of water. Water in the saucers and trays gets changed every time I water, usually every 5 to 7 days.
  4. Leo Schordje

    Lunacy x Resurrection Light

    Both are quite nice
  5. Leo Schordje

    Paphiopedilum insigne - or exul?

    I have had several Paph insigne of different provenance. One is exactly like this. I managed to get it and an exul to bloom side by side. Then the differences are obvious, but I can see how confusion would arise. This is clearly insigne.
  6. Leo Schordje

    selfing awarded hybrid

    Flower quality in complex Paphs has a very large degree of dependance on culture. I had a division of Hellas 'Westonbirt' FCC/RHS the old standby. As a one or two growth division in a 3 inch or 4 inch pot the flower was a real yawn. Not very good. Then I saw Warton Sincler's division of Hellas...
  7. Leo Schordje

    Paph muriel constance x gemeni

    Much better than one I have of similar breeding from Nick Tanachi. This one is pretty good. Awardable? don't know, but it is nicer than mine from a similar cross.
  8. Leo Schordje

    Paphiopedilum rothschildianum 'Fay Judge' AM/AOC

    Your first one, the grand champion is outstanding. I love it. Your second one, has 2 things going for it. It does grow well, and it is a roth. Fine for a houseplant, you can move it on to others without feeling guilty. You can say it has better than average vigor, but the flower is only...
  9. Leo Schordje

    P. Shen-Liu Peri

    Nice, really nice Parentage? RHS site is not working properly from my phone.
  10. Leo Schordje

    Paph. Magic Lantern

  11. Leo Schordje

    Unknown Roth Hybrid - Help Me Out Please

    The color of the back of the dorsal is typical stonei. My guess would be (Lady Isabel x Prince Edward of York) or something similar. Form is too good for the pollen parent to be species sanderianum. Any combination of sanderianum and roth could work as the pollen parent. Since the tag had Lady...
  12. Leo Schordje

    Hoya macgillivrayi

    Wow, very nice, wish I could smell the fragrance. I have 3 clones of this Hoya, and none have bloomed yet, in over 10 years. I think my home is too cool in summer and light isn't bright enough. But they grow, slowly, I'm not giving up on them.
  13. Leo Schordje

    Paph concolor variety??

    I'm not an expert, but have been raising orchids since 1972. Your concolor has petals as wide or narrow as about half the "ordinary" collected concolor I've seen. Back in the pre CITES days Hausermann's used to have hundreds of imported concolors, this would be in "the middle of the pack". We're...
  14. Leo Schordje

    Harold Koopowitz

    Very nice