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    Tolumnia Golden Sunset "Lisa"

    Spectacular colors! You have done well with this one. Oh how I would love a piece of that!
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    Meet Bernie!

    He looks pretty sweet! I think you definitely belong together.
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    Masd veitchiana

    Wow! That's nice.
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    Stuff in bloom.

    Nice stuff!
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    Lycaste Nobuo

    What a wonderful display!
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    White cattleya hybrid

    This is great!
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    The prodigal water bottle

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    Phalaenopsis bellina

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    Northern flying squirrel (Glaucomys sabrinus)

    That's awesome! I've seen flying squirrels here in Michigan as well, but I don't know which species I have seen.
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    Phalaenopsis stuartiana aurea

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    What is Dragon's Blood!?

    This stuff really does work! It's quite remarkable.
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    Aerangis fastuosa 'White Star'

    Always such a great scent on this one!