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    Cattleya Triumphans

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    Good morning everyone!

    Beautiful flowers. Adorable cats. Welcome back, Wendy, and sorry about your Dad's passing.
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    Purpurata season begins

    Beautiful. How does it smell?
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    Envirionmental effect on flower quality

    Agree, they look much different, and lively?
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    Cattleya schroederae 'SVO'

    They're all stunning. Do they possibly have the same scent?
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    Greetings from South Africa!

    Welcome, Amber. Enjoy the forum.🙂 Pictures?
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    Angraecum arachnites

    That's just incredible. Are they really one?😊 Thanks for sharing.
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    Phalaenopsis Zheng Min Wisteria ‘Free Ukraine’

    That sounds great. Thanks for the reply.
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    Phalaenopsis Zheng Min Wisteria ‘Free Ukraine’

    It's still a beautiful flower. But can it still grow bigger?
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    Cattleya maxima var semi-alba

    Great. Thanks for your response.
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    Cat. lueddemanniana time

    That's quite impressive.
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    Cattleya maxima var semi-alba

    Simply gorgeous. And fragrant?
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    Fritz Schomburg

    Stunning. Is it normally huge?
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    Laelia jongheana

    Beautiful flowers.