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  1. Kyle

    Grodan/Perlite growing media . . .

    Do you know if they are still using that? I experimented with straight Grodan a few years ago and had favorable results.
  2. Kyle

    Love this little Drac cordobae

    That's not cordobae. Maybe vespertillio. Or a hybrid. But not many people make Dracula hybrids...
  3. Kyle

    Phrag. dalessandroi ('Echo' x 'Doug Pulley')

    The pouch is wrong for Dalessandroi.
  4. Kyle

    Which plant is the attention grabber in your collection?

    To bloom it, cool it down. Like really cold. Put it outside when nights are going to be 5-10 C. That will get it to bloom.
  5. Kyle

    Orchidexpo 2014

    Me too, Sunday afternoon!
  6. Kyle

    Phrag andreettae leaf bronzing

    I've never seen anything like that. Could be light. If found andreettea to be relatively easy to grow. Kyle
  7. Kyle

    Fischerii second flower in normal light

    I've got that picture somewhere. Are you looking for proof that they are three distinct species? Kyle
  8. Kyle

    Fischerii second flower in normal light

    This is the best I can do...
  9. Kyle


    The pouch on Dalessandroi is stubby. There are many populations of besseae, so you can't say that the pouch is always longer bad narrower. But there are few dal populations, so it's pouch shape is pretty consistent. The staminode of dalessandroi is missing the tooth.
  10. Kyle


    Was the vendor from Villcabamba? When I lived in Ecuador and worked for ecuagenera, I had the opportunity to examine dozens of dalessandrois and hundreds of beassae. Below are some pics. Dalessandroi is the middle one. So far your plant looks like the real thing. Kyle
  11. Kyle


    Where did you get it? Can you take a picture of the staminode and the leaves? Where have you looked? They're out there. Your plant looks interesting, the pouch has the right shape, but looks a bit off and ovary looks typical. Kyle
  12. Kyle

    Masdevallia fractiflexa

    You have something different there. Closely related, but I based on the habit, I don't think it is fractiflexa. Or colosus for that matter. Maybe hystrix. You'll have to check out the lip. It is also blooming a bit out of season. But that said I have a fractiflexa in spike, now. Here...
  13. Kyle

    "natural" besseae

    Interesting. That would be in the same general area as P. dalessandroi. The pouch is interesting on the pictured one. Very much like dalessandroi. Kyle
  14. Kyle


    I have been using these for years: I use the 500 ml size. I have safly autoclaved them to 121 C with no problems. Strangly, I did have problems with the 125 ml size, which I wanted to use for mother flasks. Now I just...
  15. Kyle

    Repotting masdevallias

    I repot mine in spike and bud all the time. Most of hte time they do fine, sometimes they blast. Its up to them. If you're going to overpot masdevallias, use medium bark. If you use fine bark, the bottom will get soggy and rot the roots. I'd topdress with a fine bark mix. Kyle