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  1. jlosaw

    Cattleya eldorado semialba flame ‘Golden Trumpet’ AM/AOS (syn: wallisii)

    Very nice! The roots look as good as the flowers.:cool:
  2. jlosaw

    Cattleya rex 2022

    So jealous.. Well done
  3. jlosaw

    Paph. tigrinum 'Peanut' AM/AOS

    And, here it is!
  4. jlosaw

    Paph. tigrinum 'Peanut' AM/AOS

    Good job Tony! I had never seen tigrinum IRL and was great to see one of such high quality. I shot the award photos for it on Saturday. Reach out and I will send you the link when I post them.
  5. jlosaw

    Paph. St. Swithin

    What a monster. Well done.
  6. jlosaw

    Paph Lady Isobel

    Love it. Nice work
  7. jlosaw

    Paph Night Leopard (Berenice × haynaldianum)

    Thanks.. Yeah. I will keep it and see what it does in the coming years. See if it gets a little better.
  8. jlosaw

    Cattleya Zip

    Really nice cross. I have a seedling of this which I hope is as nice as that.
  9. jlosaw

    Paph Night Leopard (Berenice × haynaldianum)

    Dunno..I fogot to ask..ooops
  10. jlosaw

    Paph Night Leopard (Berenice × haynaldianum)

    Resistered by Hadley originated from H.Burkhardt is what the RHS says. Took it to judging last week and it was passed over. I think Hadley had one awarded a few years ago. I like it.
  11. jlosaw

    Paph. stonei

    Well done, Michael..My favorite species.
  12. jlosaw

    Paphiopedilum appletonianum

    Nice one!
  13. jlosaw

    gratrixianum, Humoresque, and St. Swithin

    Just added some new division last night. Everything starts at .99 cents. gratrixianum 'Shan' Paphiopedilum Humoresque 'Green Giant' Paphiopedilum Saint Swithin
  14. jlosaw

    first flower of Paph. delenatii

    Yes..great bloom. Also interested to see your watering system.